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Argentina vs Brazil match Schedule, Prediction, Head to Head, Argentina vs Brazil Live Streaming for Copa America 2021 Final

Copa America 2021 the biggest international football league is rolling out the 47th season of the tournament. The tournament has hit the finale and the teams entering the finals are Brazil vs Argentina. Copa America 2021 Final: Argentina vs Brazil match Schedule, Prediction, Head to Head, Where to watch Argentina vs Brazil Live Streaming for Copa America 2021 Final in India?

The final of Copa America 2021 Brazil vs Argentina will be hosted in Estadio Maracana on July 10, 2021. It is for the 112th time the teams will be coming against each other in the history of Copa America.


Check the details of the Copa America 2021 finals of Argentina vs Brazil schedule, prediction, head-to-head record, and other details here on this page.

Argentina vs Brazil Predictions

The prediction between Argentina vs Brazil is very difficult to predict. However, on the basis of previous, it can be predicted that the winner of the tournament will be Argentina.

However, the predictions are on the basis of analysis and the final results will be out after the match on July 10, 2021.

Argentina vs Brazil Live Streaming for Copa America 2021 Fina

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GameArgentina vs Brazil
DateSunday, July 11
Time5:30 am IST

Copa America 2021 Final Line Ups


Goalkeepers: Franco Armani, Emiliano Martinez, Juan Musso, and Agustin Marchesin

Defenders: Gonzalo Montiel, Nicolas Otamendi, German Pezzella, Nicolas Tagliafico, Lucas Martinez Quarta, Marcos Acuna, Lisandro Martinez, Nahuel Molina Lucero and Cristian Romero

Midfielders: Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso, Exequiel Palacios, Nicolas Gonzalez, Guido Rodriguez, Rodrigo De Paul, Alejandro Gomez, Angel Correa and Nicolas Dominguez

Forwards: Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez, Angel Di Maria, Joaquin Correa, Sergio Aguero and Julian Alvarez


Goalkeepers: Alisson, Ederson, Weverton.

Defenders: Emerson, Danilo, Alex Sandro, Renan Lodi, Felipe, Éder Militão, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva.

Midfielders: Casemiro, Douglas Luiz, Everton Ribeiro, Fabinho, Fred, Lucas Paquetã.

Forwards: Everton, Roberto Firmino, Gabriel Barbosa, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar, Richarlison, Vinicius Junior.

Argentina vs Brazil Live Streaming for Copa America 2021 Final, Line Ups
Argentina vs Brazil Live Streaming for Copa America 2021 Final

Argentina vs Brazil Head to Head Win

Brazil has a total of 46 wins while Argentina has won a total of 40 wins and there are 25 matches where she has a draw.

In the year 1914 Argentina won the fixture by 3-0 where Brazil and Argentina came across each other for the last time in 2019.

The teams were in front of each other during the Copa America 2019 Semi-finals.

20 Sept 1914Argentina vs Brazil3-0International Friendly
27 Sept 1914Argentina vs Brazil0-1Copa Julio Roca
10 Jul 1916Argentina vs Brazil1-1Copa America
27 Sept 1916Argentina vs Brazil0-1Copa Julio Roca
03 Oct 1917Argentina vs Brazil4-2Copa America
18 May 1919Brazil vs Argentina3-1Copa America
1 Jun1919Brazil vs Argentina3-3Copa Roberto Cherry
25 Sept 1920Brazil vs Argentina0-2Copa America
12 Oct 1920Argentina vs Brazil3-1International Friendly
02 Oct 1922Argentina vs Brazil1-0Copa America
15 Oct 1922Brazil vs Argentina2-0Copa America
22 Oct 1922Brazil vs Argentina2-1 Copa Julio Roca
18 Nov 1923Argentina vs Brazil2-1Copa America
2 Dec 1923Argentina vs Brazil0-2Copa Confraternidad
9 Dec 1923Argentina vs Brazil2-0Copa Julio Roca
13 Dec 1925Argentina vs Brazil4-1Copa America
25 Dec 1925Argentina vs Brazil2-2Copa America
30 Jan 1937Argentina vs Brazil1-0Copa America
01 Feb 1937Argentina vs Brazil2-0Copa America

Argentina vs Brazil Head to Head Win Ctd..

15 Jan 1939Brazil vs Argentina1-5Copa Julio Roca
22 Jan 1939Brazil vs Argentina3-2Copa Julio Roca
18 Feb 1940Brazil vs Argentina2-2Copa Julio Roca
25 Feb 1939Brazil vs Argentina 0-3Copa Julio Roca
5 Mar 1940Argentina vs Brazil6-1Copa Julio Roca
10 Mar 1940Argentina vs Brazil2-3Copa Julio Roca
17 Mar 1940Argentina vs Brazil5-1Copa Julio Roca
17 Jan 1942Argentina vs Brazil2-1Copa America
15 feb 1945Argentina vs Brazil3-1Copa America
16 Dec 1945Brazil vs Argentina3-4Copa Julico Roca
20 Dec 1945Brazil vs Argentina6-2Copa Julio Roca
10 Feb 1946Argentina vs Brazil3-1Copa Julico Roca
5 Feb 1956Brazil vs Argentina1-0Copa AMerica
18 Mar 1956Brazil vs Argentina2-2Panamerican Championship
8 Jul 1956Brazil vs Argentina0-0Copa del Atlantico
5 Dec 1956Brazil vs Argentina1-2International Friendly
3 Apr 1957Argentina vs Brazil3-0Copa America
7 Jul 1957Brazil vs Argentina1-2Copa Julio Roca
10 Jul 1957Brazil vs Argentina2-0Copa Julio Roca
4 Apr 1959Argentina vs Brazil1-1Copa America

Argentina vs Brazil Head to Head Win Ctd..

22 Dec 1959Argentina vs Brazil4-1Copa America
13 Mar 1960Argentina vs Brazil2-1Panamerican championship
20 Mar 1960Brazil vs Argentina1-0Panamerican Championship
25 May 1960Argentina vs Brazil4-2Copa Julio Roca
29 May 1960Argentina vs Brazil1-4Copa Julio Roca
12 Jul 1960Brazil vs Argentina5-1Copa del Atlantico
3 feb 1962Brazil vs argentina0-0SA NOVOS
24 Mar 1963Argentina vs Brazil3-0Copa America
13 Apr 1963Brazil vs Argentina 2-3Copa Julio Roca
16 Apr 1963Brazil vs Argentina5-2Copa Julio Roca
3 Jun 1964Brazil vs Argentina0-3Copa das Nacoes
7 Sept 1964Brazil vs Argentina3-0International Friendly
9 Jun 1965Brazil vs Argentina0-0International Friendly
7 Aug 1968Brazil vs Argentina4-1International Friendly
11 Aug 1968Brazil vs Argentina3-2International Friendly
4 Mar 1970Brazil vs Argentina0-2International Friendly
8 Mar 1970Brazil vs Argentina2-1International Friendly
28 Jul 1971Argentina vs Brazil1-1Copa Julio Ruca
31 Jul 1971Argentina vs Brazil2-2Copa Julio Ruca
30 Jun 1974Argentina vs Brazil1-2FIFA World Cup
6 Aug 1975Brazil vs Argentina2-1Copa America
16 Aug 1975Argentina vs Brazil0-1Copa America
27 Feb 1976Argentina vs Brazil1-2Copa del Atlantico
19 May 1976Argentina vs Brazil2-0Copa del Atlantico
18 Jun 1978Argentina vs Brazil0-0FIFA World Cup

Argentina vs Brazil Head to Head Win Ctd.

02 Aug 1979Brazil vs Argentina2-1Copa America
23 Aug 1979Argentina vs Brazil2-2 Copa America
04 Jan 1981Argentina vs Brazil1-1Gold Cup
2 Jul 1982Brazil vs Argentina3-1FIFA World Cup
24 Aug 1983Argentina vs Brazil1-0Copa America
14 Sep 1983Brazil vs Argentina0-0Copa America
17 Jun 1984Brazil vs Argentina0-0International Friendly
5 May 1985Brazil vs Argentina2-1International Friendly
10 Jul 1988Argentina vs Brazil0-0Bicentennial Gold Cup
12 Jul 1989Brazil vs Argentina2-0Copa America
24 Jun 1990Brazil vs Argentina0-1FIFA World Cup
27 Mar 1991Argentina vs Brazil3-3International Friendly
27 Jun 1991Brazil vs Argentina 1-1International Friendly
17 Jul 1991Brazil vs Argentina2-3Copa America
18 Feb 1993Argentina vs Brazil1-1International Friendly

Argentina vs Brazil Head to Head Win Ctd..

27 Jun 1993Brazil vs Argentina1-1Copa America
24 Mar 1994Brazil vs Argentina2-0International Friendly
17 Jul 1995Brazil vs Argentina2-2Copa America
8 Nov 1995Argentina vs Brazil0-1International Friendly
29 Apr 1998Brazil vs Argentina0-1International Friendly
11 Jul 1999Brazil vs Argentina2-1Copa America
4 Sept 1999Argentina vs Brazil2-0International Friendly
7 Sept 1999Brazil vs Argentina4-2International Friendly
26 Jul 2000Brazil vs Argentina3-1FIFA World Cup
5 Sep 2001Argentina vs Brazil2-1FIFA World Cup
2 Jun 2004Brazil vs Argentina3-1FIFA World Cup
25 Jul 2004Argentina vs Brazil2-2Copa America
8 Jun 2005Argentina vs Brazil3-1FIFA World Cup
29 Jun 2005Brazil vs Argentina4-1FIFA Confederations Cup
3 Sep 2006Brazil vs Argentina3-0International friendly

Argentina vs Brazil Head to Head Win Ctd..

15 Jul 2007Argentina vs Brazil0-3Copa America
18 Jun 2008Brazil vs Argentina0-0FIFA World Cup
5 Sep 2009Argentina vs Brazil1-3FIFA World Cup
17 Nov 2010Argentina vs Brazil1-0International Friendly
14 Sep 2011Argentina vs Brazil0-0International Friendly
28 Sep 2011Brazil vs Argentina2-0Superclasico de las Americas
9 Jun 2012Argentina vs Brazil 4-34-3Superclasico de Ias Americas
20 Sept 2012Brazil vs Argentina2-1Superclasico de Ias Americas
21 Nov 2012Argentina vs Brazil2-1Superclasico de Ias Americas
11 Oct 2014Brazil vs Argentina2-0Superclasico de Ias Americas
13 Nov 2015Argentina vs Brazil1-1FIFA World Cup
10 Nov 2016Brazil vs Argentina3-0FIFA World cup
9 Jun 2017Brazil vs Argentina0-1Superclasico de Ias Americas
16 Oct 2018Argentina vs Brazil0-1Superclasico de Ias Americas
2 Jul 2019Brazil vs Argentina2-0Copa America
15 Nov 2019Brazil vs Argentina0-1Superclasico de Ias Americas

Argentina vs Brazil Live Streaming and score will available at 5.30 AM IST.

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