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Top 10 Fullbacks in 21st century American Football

Football is the game of scoring goals and defending from others. Most of the players in football run to achieve as many titles as they can get. It gives them fame and a name. The 21st century saw many fullbacks with twists and turns.

Every team consists of a variety of players with different qualities but a goal-scoring defender is rare. There have been many defenders trying to achieve the title but out of all those, there will be a discussion of the top 10.

Top 10 Fullbacks in the 21st century:

A Fullback is like a defender who plays on either right or left of the backline. Their main aim is to defend wide areas and to protect the opposite team to make a goal.

The responsibilities of a fullback are to defend the goal, use the ball in an effective manner, support the attacking players of the team, and do a good communicate with teammates.

Here we are going to discuss the top 10 fullbacks that occurred in 21st-century American football. So let’s have a look at these legends.

10. Ricardo Pereira:

Ricardo Pereira belongs to Lisbon. His team is Leicester City. He is good in straight backs. He has played for many other clubs like Porto and Nice but is currently a member of Leicester City. He has a passing accuracy of 76.14% and possesses good crossing skills with an accuracy of 28%.


9. Denzel Dumfries:

Denzel Dumfries is currently a player for Inter Milan. He received fame after giving a brilliant performance in the Netherlands in 2020. He is good enough in fullbacks including right and left also. His accuracy is 46.81%. Till now he has contested 10 aerial duels successfully.


8. Benjamin Pavard:

Benjamin Pavard is from the team Bayern Munich. He made an outstanding goal against Argentina in the FIFA world cup 2018. He is mostly a good player in right-backs. This led him to be nominated for Puskas Award in the same year. He has an accuracy of 87.09% and has crossing skills with an accuracy of 28.57%. He is a good player in an aerial duel with an accuracy of 75%.


7. Reece James:

A very fine player Reece James is good at throwing right-backs. He belongs to Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea. He has often played very well in American clubs and that’s the reason he is ranked in the seventh position. He has a success rate of 56.25%. He cleared 11 aerial duels successfully this year. He also made four goals in Premier League this year.

Source: football.London

6. Dani Carvajal:

A well-known team Real Madrid consists of a player named Dani Carvajal good at giving fullbacks including right and left both. He made 21 tackles and cleared 18 clearances. He has an accuracy of 86.27%. He is definitely a good fullback player.


5. Kyle Walker:

Kyle Walker is a right-back player. He belongs to Manchester City. He made 128 appearances for his team. He has an accuracy of 56.41%. He made 8 tackles and seven clearances. He is a good competitor in aerial duels also.


4. Kieran Trippier:

Kieran Tripper got wide attention after his performance at the euro club in 2020. He is from Atletico de Madrid. He is a good fullback player in his team. He made 14 tackles and 8 clearances till now. He won 28 aerial duels this season. He is a determined person.


3. Achraf Hakimi:

Achraf Hakimi is somewhat of a surprising player on his team because he plays in such a manner which is never been seen in other players so far. He is from team Paris-Saint-german. He has an accuracy of 80%. He made 35 tackles and 11 clearances so far. He scored thrice times in the league.


2. Joao Cancelo:

Joao Cancelo is a portugese. He is from Manchester city. He plays both that is right back and left back for his team. He made 30 tackles and 40 clearances so far. He possesses good defensive abilities. He has performed quite well in aerial duels.


1. Trent Alexander Arnold:

Trent Alexander Arnold is the best fullback player in the world mentioned so far. He mostly plays as right back but is the best among all. He is from the team, Liverpool. He has an accuracy of 30.84%. He made 16 tackles and 18 clearances so far. He is a tough contestant in aerial duels.


This was all about the best Fullbacks of the 21st century. These were the legends who made their name by building records.

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