Female Boxers of All Time | 2022 Updates

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10. Mia St. John

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 Mia St. John

beyond the beauty is a serial punch boxer that would send one to the world of stars with a single hit.

9. Natascha Ragosina

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Natascha Ragosina

Out of a total of 22 fights, Ragosina recorded zero losses throughout her career, winning 13 by knockouts.

8. Giselle Salandy

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Giselle Salandy

the youngest boxing titleholder at 14 after defeating Paola Rojas to win the WIBA IBERO Title.

7. Holly Holm

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Holly Holm

Holm is another famous female boxer with a lot of achievements in the sport.

6. Christy Martin

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Christy Martin

In recognition of her incredible work in boxing, Martin became a boxing Hall of Fame inductee in 2016

5. Ann Wolfe

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Ann Wolfe

Wolfe, who now works as a trainer, never shies away from the glamour of Fame

4. Regina Halmich

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Regina Halmich

She first stormed the boxing scene in her professional debut in Germany back in 1994 against Klee, which she won.

3. Laila Ali

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 Laila Ali

Laila walked in the shoes of her late father and carved a name and legacy of her own while doing so.

2. Cecilia Braekhus

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Cecilia Braekhus

Cecilia, the longest-reigning female boxing champion, had once gone into 36 fights, losing none, and winning all.

1. Lucia Rijker

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Lucia Rijker

Rijker’s fighting style earned her the nickname “The Most Dangerous Woman in the World.”