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Tennis Schedule 2021 (ATP & WTA Calendar), Which are popular Tournaments?


Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent player, it is an Olympic sport and it can be played at all levels of society and at all ages as the generation grows they like to follow new trends and accordingly some rules have been changed in Tennis. Tennis Schedule 2021 (ATP & WTA Calendar) and also Which are popular Tournaments?

Due to the pandemic situation, the schedule has been changing regularly and updates will be made by government approval, Now according to the recent reports the first tournament to be played for the season would be ATP Delray Beach Open it will be held in the month of Feb. Whereas Indian Open is going to be either cancel or postponed. For the first time, you can expect Abu Dhabi to play this year. Here is the latest schedule where you can also watch where it will be live streaming.

Tennis Schedule 2021: Full ATP Schedule 2021 Calendar & WTA Schedule

ATP 2021 Schedule (Calendar)


12-July-202118-July-2021German Open 
12-July-202118-July-2021Hall of Fame Open 
12-July-202118-July-2021Swedish Open
19-July-202125-July-2021Los Cabos Open
19-July-202125-July-2021Croatia Open 
19-July-202125-July-2021Swiss Open 
24-July-202130-July-2021Tokyo Olympics 2021
26-July-20211-August-2021Austrian Open Kitzbühel
26-July-20211-August-2021Atlanta Open
2-August-20218-August-2021Washington Open
9-August-202115-August-2021Canadian Open
15-August-202122-August-2021Cincinnati Masters
22-August-202128-August-2021Winston-Salem Open
30-August-202112-September-2021US Open
20-September-202126-September-2021St. Petersburg Open
20-Septemebr 202126-September-2021Moselle Open
24-September-202126-September-2021Laver Cup
27-September-20213-October-2021Sofia Open
27-September-20213-October-2021Chengdu Open
27-September-20213-October-2021Zhuhai Championships
4-October-202110-October-2021China Open
4-October-202110-October-2021Japan Open
10-October-202117-October-2021Shanghai Masters
18-October-202124-October-2021Kremlin Cup 
18-October-202124-October-2021Stockholm Open
18-October-202124-October-2021European Open 
25-October-202131-October-2021Vienna Open
25-October-202131-October-2021Swiss Indoors
1-November-20217-November-2021Paris Masters
9-November-202113-November-2021Next Gen ATP Finals
14-November-202121-November-2021ATP Finals
22-November-202128-November-2021Davis Cup Finals

WTA 2021 Schedule (Calendar)

Start DateEnd DateTournaments Name
5-July-202111-July-2021Nordea Open (Bastad)
12-July-202118-July-2021Hungarian Grand Prix
12-July-202118-July-2021Livesport Prague Open
12-July-202118-July-2021Ladies Open Lausanne
19-July-202125-July-2021WTA 250 Gdynia
19-July-202125-July-2021Palermo Ladies Open
24-July-202130-July-2021Tokyo Olympics 2021
26-July-20211-August-2021WTA 125 Belgrade
26-July-20211-August-2021WTA 125 Charleston
2-August-20218-August-2021Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic (San Jose)
9-August-202115-August-2021National Bank Open (Montreal)
16-August-202122-August-2021Western & Southern Open (Cincinnati)
16-August-202122-August-2021WTA 125 Chicago
23-August-202129-August-2021Cleveland WTA 250
30-August-202113-September-2021US Open
6-September-202112-September-2021WTA 125 Karlsruhe
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Here Are Some Of The Best Tournament

The Championships, Wimbledon is one of the oldest tennis tournaments and it is one of the most prestigious ones, The tournament has been held at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London since 1877, and since 2019 it is one of the best tournaments all over the world.

Now due to COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 championships were cancel this time was the first cancellation of the tournament since World War II. But after the government permission and the reports it is mostly said that tournament is going to held most probably in the upcoming year in the month of march.

There are four major tournaments which is going to be remembered by all that are, The Championships of Australia, France, Britain (Wimbledon), and United States were one of the best four ones.

No.1 Tennis Player for the longest time: Federer is the player with the longest time span in the World and in the history of ATP. Also recently he held the top ranking week on June 18, 2018, more than fourteen years after 2004 he has been always No.1.

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