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Top 10 best Formula 1 cars of all-time – Every F1 Fan Should See

F1 has been the most popular and loveable sport celebrated all over the nation. Fans of the F1 are definitely the automobile winners. There has always been a topic about the best cars in Formula 1. so check Top 10 best Formula 1 cars list.

It has always been a topic of discussion about the best cars in the F1. Check out the list of all the vehicles of F1 which stand in the top 10 here on this page.

1. Lotus 72

Lotus 72 came into the existence in the year 1970 and ended its journey in 1975 in F1. The vehicle proves to be the best within the 5 years of time with the 20 wins. Lotus 72 is the best design of Maurice Philippe and Colin Chapman.

The rarest to see is the motor vehicles making it to such a high success. Unforntunately the Jochen Rindt won the championship at the Monza with the Lotus 72. The riders lost his life before he knew that he is the championship owner of the title.

When it comes to the champsionship Lotus 72 proves itself to be the most successful of all as it has a total of 20 wins. The beast looking design and the single seater vehicle is all for the race

Lotus 72: Top 10 best Formula 1 cars

2. Lotus 79

The Lotus 72 is the Ford V8-powered vehicle that has won 20 races. The vehicle underwent the up-gradation process with the introduction of the 72F and then later another one Lotus 77 replaces it.

Lotus 79 dominated the whole F1 series in 1978 with the refined ground-effect concept. It is all in the one package vehicle where the emerged with more attractive look and the impressive ground effects.

The vehicle won the Belgian GP which was the debut race of Lotus 79. It was the Andretti who finishes the 1-2 in Spain.

The vehicle keeps up its standard and makes it to the top position.

Lotus 79:  Top 10 best Formula 1 cars all f1

3. Jordan 191

The designer of the Jordan 191 is Gary Anderson. 191 has a very beautiful and impressive design of the time. However, the vehicle could not even make the single win in the series. During the tournament in the Canadian GP, the vehicle ended up in position 5 on the score table.

The regular drivers of the vehicle Jordan 191 are Andrea de Cesaris and Bertrand Gachot. Michael’s F1 career started with the Jordan 191. Jordan 191 would have been able to make it to the winners of the Belgian GP if there was no engine failure.

Jordan 191: Top 10 best Formula 1 cars

4. Ferrari 641

Ferrari 641 came into existence in the year 1990. It is a design by Steve Nicholas and Enrique Scalabroni. The vehicles own a total of 6 wins in the World championship F1

Ferrari is a bit narrow with its appearance and appears to be the best contender. Ferrari stands up in the top 10 vehicles of the F1 series.

The vehicle has the semi-automatic gearbox of the with the best in the ground breaking. The best of the chassis desgin is no less in any respect. Undoubtedly the vehicles has a total of 6 wins in hands.

Ferrari 641: Top 10 best Formula 1 cars ferrari

5. Eagle T1G

Eagle T1G is a beautiful design by Len Terry and has a single win in the tournament. The vehicle is the cigar-shaped car with which came in the era of 1.5 litre vehicle. Len Terry Eagle T1G made it to the decade for the best in one.

The car come with a beautiful and impressive design which has the pointed nose and stands agressive amongst the all for the race. The design of the Eagle T1G was a three litre and it was as quick as the blink of an eye.

However, the vehicle couldn’t continue in the world of F1 due to the average speed of 146mph. And it discontinued its journey in the year 1967 just after a year from coming to the existence.

Eagle T1G: Top 10 best Formula 1 cars eagle

6. Brabham BT45B

The design of Brabham BT45B came into the F1 in 1977. The designers of the vehicles are Gordon Murray. However, it couldn’t make it to even a single win.

The cooler design and the red colour effect is all of it in the appearance. It has a quiet stylish and the beautiful design.

Brabham BT45B: Top 10 best Formula 1 cars brabham

7. Williams FW14B

Williams FW14B came in the year 1992 which is a design of Adrian Newey and Patrick Head. The vehicles has a beautiful journey with the total of 10 wins in the championship of F1.

It is one of the best designs where there is a combination of active suspension and traction control. There are 16 races in which the William FW14B was on the foot.

The design has the proper and stylish blend of the colors in the model. It has the red, blue, yellow, white all mixed up in the best of all.

It is the clear and neat design however, the vehicles have the narrow rear tyres and the controlled lap times.

Williams FW14B: Top 10 best Formula 1 cars williams

8. McLaren MP4-14

McLaren Mp4-14 came into existence in 1999 where the designers of the car are the Adrian Newey, and Neil Oately. There are in total of the 7 wins which the vehicles bags in the hand.

The silver design is all of the in the lsit to go for the F1 races. However, the vehicles makes it to the winning the 7 races even after facing several blunders.

McLaren came up with the best looking grooved-tyre and the mid-height narrow nose and the side pods which make it stand of the in the design race.

McLaren MP4-14: Top 10 best Formula 1 cars mclaren

9. Alfa Romeo 158/159

Alfa Romeo came in the year 1950 and ended its journey in 1951 within a year. The designer of this vehicle is the Giocchino Colombo. The vehicles makes it to the winning of the 10 races which is commendable.

Alfa Romeo comes 158 comes in 1938 which was equivalent to the F2. The design of the Alfa Romeo 158/159 is a proper proportions of the the front-engine and the attractive design. The nose bands had the colours which was easy to recognise the vehicle.

It is a straight eight engine vehicle with the 100bhp with that goosebump giving sound during the rave., The BRM V16 and the Matra V12 are all in one the best.

Alfa Romeo 158/159: Top 10 best Formula 1 cars alfa remeo

10. Ligier JS11/15

The 1979 vehicle which ended its journey after winning the 5 races within a year is design by Gerard Ducarouge. It is said to be the iconic design of all.

The first Ligier the JS11 is the one who made its debut in Argentinian Grand Prix in 1979. It was Jacques Laffite who makes it to the winning of the race and Patrick Depailler made it to the 1-2 in Brazil.

Both the version of Ligier were cool in their appearance and the design has it own sleek curves without the front wing it came to an end for racing in 1980.

Ligier JS11/15: Top 10 best Formula 1 cars ligier

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