Top 10 NBA Players with Long Hair In 2022

Markelle Fultz

10th Level It’s exciting to watch Fultz as Orlando’s best point guard because this young man puts in his 100% effort. Fultz, from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, joined the NBA in the 2017 drafts.

JaVale McGee

9th Level he took 2nd position in our list of NBA players with long hair. The three-time NBA champion won his first two rings with the Golden State Warriors.

Mike Conley

8th Level Mike Conley Junior is the son of gold and silver medal-winning Olympic champion Mike Conley Senior. He is one of the famous black NBA players with long hair and stands 3rd on our list.

Derrick Rose

7th Level Many players look up to Rose as one of the league’s best stars, and his long hair further contributes to his popularity. Moreover, he was born in Chicago, Illinois, and stands 6 ft 2 in (1.88m) tall

Robert Covington

6th Level However, he stands out in his long hairstyle and gameplay. Covington is a 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m) tall swingman capable of shooting three-pointers. He plays for Portland Trail Blazers

DeAndre Jordan

5th Level Jordan’s birthplace is Huston, Texas, United States. Additionally, His NBA career began in 2008, and he stood 6ft 11in (2.11 m) tall. DeAndre secured 6th position in this list of NBA players with long hair

Jonathan Isaac

4th Level We could have gotten him drafted earlier in 2016, but he joined NBA in the 2017 draft. In addition to his remarkable basketball skills, Jonathan has a unique hairstyle

Steven Adams

3rd Level Besides, Steven has valuable leadership qualities, thus making him a valuable asset for New Orleans Pelicans. Basketball fans immediately recognize Adams by his long hair and distinctive mustache

Robin Lopez

2nd Level Furthermore, Robin often stands out more because his hairstyle is so different from his brother. Due to his curly hair, he secured 9th position in the list of NBA players with long hair

Kelly Olynyk

1st Level Generally, it wasn’t a big surprise that he added long hair for the NBA because he had done so before. By the way, Olynyk court’s performance seems to suffer when he keeps his flowing hair contained with a headband