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10 Fictional Sports In Video Games, Ranked By Sporting Skills

10 Fictional Sports In Video Games, Ranked By Sporting Skills

10 Fictional Sports In Video Games: We examine imaginary sports that, with a few changes to morals and physics principles, the common person may enjoy.

10 Fictional Sports In Video Games: We examine imaginary sports that, with a few changes to morals and physics principles, the common person may enjoy.

The majority of adults have participated in at least one sport as children, whether via school or in a recreational league. Outside of that, many of us drew the line after discovering a noticeable lack of athletic talent, leaving most sports a complete mystery.

There have been several unusual sports developed in games throughout the years, and they all appear to be extremely challenging. Even though they wouldn’t necessarily excel at them, the ordinary individual would undoubtedly desire to attempt some of these fictitious sports. There’s no shame in admitting that I’m not cut out for any of these sports. However, we’re not looking for sports that we’d be great in, but rather ranking them based on how well we believe we’d perform. Assuming we survive the ordeal.

10. Quidditch – Harry Potter and the World Cup of Quidditch

Despite the fact that the universe of the Harry Potter series has many unique elements and a number of wonderful games, I honestly don’t think anyone regular could survive a game of Quidditch. You’re riding a broom into the air with no protection. Forget bludgers; I’d most likely tumble off.

It’s fun to imagine yourself zipping around like the characters in the games and movies, but a staggering number of people have never ever picked up a broom, so I’m not sure I trust most people to fly around on one.

9. Halo – Grifball

Given that there isn’t a method to play Halo’s Grifball without completely decimating the squad you’re playing against, I don’t think we’ll see Grifball anytime soon. Most people would describe it as a more violent version of extreme rugby.

Everyone likes it when their favorite sports become a bit rough, but given that a player can literally become a “killionaire” during a game of Grifball, I’m going to bet that the majority of mankind will be opposed to anyone ever trying the game out.

8. Cel Damage’s Cartoonishly Deadly Demolition Derby

Sure, Twisted Metal is the obvious choice for a realistic demolition derby, but the addition of Cel Damage’s derby’s cartoonishly distinct character makes it even more difficult to think that anybody could perform well. Imagine getting ready to smack some jerks only to be hit by a freezing ray and harpooned across the map. 

Even if you did manage to get started and seek for weaponry, we’d all most likely wind up sliding into a cartoon black hole, something that would devour our aspirations of ever making a name for ourselves in the world of demolition derbies.

7. Dead Rising 2’s Terror Is Reality

Terror Is Reality is officially a competition show, however it is frequently considered as a sport rather than a general competition. Some people might be able to find success in a sport like this if they can get over the idea of slaughtering zombies who were once real humans.

Yes, in order to succeed in Terror Is Reality, one must be both an amazing motorbike rider and arguably one of the most wicked individuals on the globe. Humans can stink, but I’ll give the world the benefit of the doubt and claim that 99 percent of the folks in Terror Is Reality wouldn’t cut it.

6. Star Wars Episode 1: Racer Pod-Racing

With Pod-Racing being one of the most deadly sports in Star Wars canon, it may come as a surprise to see it so high on this list. The fact is, for every awful driver, there are an equal number of fantastic drivers.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the best stunt drivers found a lot of success in something like Pod-Racing. Sure, they’d have to prevent general explosions and other racers sabotaging them, but I believe it’s doable with the appropriate people engaged.

5. Final Fantasy X: Blitzball

Being able to play Blitzball well is dependent on mankind finding out how to play the water-based game in the first place. If we could get over that, I think it’s a game that the ordinary person would enjoy playing.

Imagine this: you make a tremendous play and score the game-winning goal, expecting a massive eruption of shouts, but the only person in attendance is Tidus, who is laughing to encourage you. To me, this sounds like living the dream.

4. Rocket League is a rocket-powered car soccer game

In another case where I believe that if humans figured it out, it would be fantastic, I believe that people would be fantastic at Rocket League. It’s risky, and individuals are frequently bad drivers, but that’s part of the purpose.

Stunt drivers would most likely have a field day with the game, but I believe it would be even more enjoyable if the ordinary person could compete. Someone with a license for years who still smashes curbs would be entertaining to see as they attempted to put a ball in a net with the same automobile.

3. Sonic Riders’ Full-Contact Hoverboarding

With hoverboards on the market, it seems like it’s only a matter of time until people start zooming about on them. If individuals can thrive on skateboards, I believe they can succeed on hoverboards.

I know I couldn’t do it since I have poor coordination, but I know lots of mediocre individuals with exceptional abilities. As long as people aren’t really beating the rings out of one another, the sport might take up all around the world. Let’s simply leave the emeralds of chaos at home.

2. Pokemon Combat – Pokemon

If Pokemon Battling were a real thing, would humans be able to thrive? Yes. Would the same individuals have to accept that they are causing sentient beings to beat the very hell out of one other for the sake of entertainment? Absolutely.

It wouldn’t be ideal, but we could probably make it work. Because no sports talent is necessary, the only individuals capable of making lovely animals injure each other would have to be devoid of all emotion or shame, thus while it is unlikely to happen, the typical person could definitely do well.

1. Windjammers 2 Super Frisbee-Pong

Please bear with me as I explain. I’ve seen some remarkable stuff from high-level frisbee players. I believe we will witness some arcadey Windjammers-style action from some of the world’s greatest players.

Give them access to unique stuff on the court to spice things up, and two regular people may have a hilarious frisbee duel for the enjoyment of millions. Frisbee might become the most popular sport in the world if enough time and money are committed.

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