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2022 World Cup: Before Friday’s World Cup match against Wales, Iran’s players sang the national anthem

2022 World Cup:Before Friday’s World Cup match against Wales, Iran’s players sang the national anthem, something they hadn’t done since their opening match against England.

At Khalifa International Stadium on Monday, they had remained silent, giving the impression that they were supporting the anti-government protests in Iran.

On Friday, Iran fans in the stadium let out loud jeers as the players performed the national anthem.
In recent months, widespread protests in Iran have been met with a severe crackdown.
They were sparked in September by the death in custody of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was detained by morality police for allegedly violating head covering regulations.

A lady in the group against Ribs had dull red tears painted under her eyes and held a football shirt with “Mahsa Amini – 22” imprinted on it, while a man remaining close to her had the motto ‘ladies, life, opportunity on his top.

“We go to protest every day, but the regime is bigger, has more power, and they have guns. He stated, “We are with bare hands.”
Ali informed me that the protesters have hope despite being “frightened” and “alone,” and that they require international support.

The national team has been criticized for not doing enough to support the protesters and has come under a lot of pressure. Despite his desire for them to succeed, Ali stated that he finds it “very difficult” to support the team or concentrate on football.

He stated: How can I concentrate when I see my blood brothers and sisters on the streets? How can I be content?
Ehsan Hajsafi, captain of Iran, acknowledged earlier this week that the country’s situation was “very bad” and that people were “not happy.”He likewise honored the individuals who passed on.

Mehdi Taremi, on the other hand, declined to answer any questions about the situation in his country on Thursday during their pre-game news conference.
The situation for Iran’s players is difficult. They are on the biggest stage in the world, representing a nation that is in a lot of political turmoil and has had anti-government protesters killed and arrested.

They are being urged to take a more assertive stance in support of the protesters; however, anything they say or do will probably have consequences at home.
In order to win on the football field, the players have to perform well all the time, which is a crucial task.

As a result of a crackdown carried out by Iran’s security forces, human rights activists claim that more than 400 protesters have been killed and 16,800 others have been detained.

The leaders of Iran claim that the protests are “riots” orchestrated by the country’s enemies abroad.
Iran striker Mehdi Taremi stated prior to Friday’s match that the players were “not under any pressure” after not singing the national anthem against England.

He went on to say, “The fact is that we have come here to play football – not just us, but all the players who are present in Qatar have come here to play football.”

“I have no power over anything; a great many others like me can’t transform anything.”

Portugal’s Iran manager Carlos Queiroz spoke next to Taremi at the news conference, saying: It’s your right to ask those questions, but as a normal person living in the world, I find it odd that you don’t ask the same questions to the other coaches and national teams, knowing that they have so many issues at home and around the world.

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