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2023 F1 driver race numbers: Who utilizes what number and why?

All Recipe 1 drivers pick a super durable race number with which they use all through their F1 profession and just the supreme best on the planet is permitted to change numbers.

Be that as it may, which drivers use what number and what is the story behind their decision?

2023 F1 driver race numbers: Who utilizes what number and why?
In Recipe 1, all drivers utilize a decent race number. The title acquainted this idea in 2014 with increment the acknowledgment of the drivers on the track for the fans. In earlier years, the beginning numbers were passed out in view of the last positioning in the past big showdown standings.

Presently just the title holder for the new season can decide to change his number: he gets the proposal to supplant the extremely durable number with the #1. Any remaining drivers should adhere to their picked number.

Behind the decision of each number there’s a story for some drivers. It very well may be their fortunate number or they have exceptional recollections of the number. This article records every one of the numbers for the 2023 Recipe 1 season and the clarifications behind them.

Will Max Verstappen drive with race number 1 out of 2023?
As authoritative title holder, Max Verstappen has chosen for stay with #1 for the 2023 Equation 1 season. Following bringing home the title in 2021 in the finale in Abu Dhabi, the Red Bull driver previously reported that he will change his standard #33 – and has selected similar again in the wake of coming out on top for his subsequent championship.

In 2014 Sebastian Vettel was the last driver to utilize the #1. In ensuing years, the title went to Lewis Hamilton, who adhered to his #44, or to Nico Rosberg. The German hung up his head protector following his reality title and could in this way no driver could utilize the #1 in 2017.

For what reason did Max Verstappen pick #33?
Long before his most memorable world title Max Verstappen drove in Recipe 1 with #33. The story behind this decision is very basic: in his childhood the Dutchman had the #3 as a fortunate number. He needed to involve it in F1, however the number was at that point taken by Daniel Ricciardo, so Verstappen then decided to utilize #33, “for twofold joy”.

At different times in his profession he has likewise determined with a #3, while in the European Equation 3 Title, the Dutchman dashed as #30 and on his presentation for Toro Rosso he utilized #38.

F1 drivers’ numbers for 2023 and the story behind their decision

AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly has #10. The Frenchman won the 2013 Equation Renault 2.0 Eurocup with that number and seriously loves footballer Zinedine Zidane, who played with number 10 in the French group.

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