2023 IPL Auction: After joining MI, Cameron Green declares, “I just put my name in the auction and it just happened.”

By India Today Web Desk

Cameron Green, an all-rounder for Australia, has said that he just entered his name into the Indian Premier League auction, and then everything fell into place for him. The amount of Rs 17.50 crore that Mumbai Indians spent to get Green’s services for the next season is shown in the following sentence. After the sale, Green claimed that he doesn’t believe he’s done enough to deserve that kind of money, and he added that he simply entered his name in the auction, and it just happened for him. Green was speaking to the press.

To tell the truth

I don’t believe I did all that much to kind of deserve it. According to Green, all I did was enter my name into the auction, and everything worked out for me.

The Australian all-rounder said that the significant payout does not alter who he is or how he thinks about the game when he is participating in it.

Nothing about who I am, how I believe, or the amount of self-assurance I have in my cricket will alter as a result of this. Green continued by saying that she hoped she hadn’t changed too much.

He continued by saying that players in the Australian camp soon dragged him back to reality by emphasising that everyone was focused on the Boxing Day Test.

There’s no doubt that the other players can knock you back down rather rapidly. At this time, we have a solid group of people working with us. Everyone will surround you when they need to and will be able to bring you back rather fast if they so choose. I believe that everyone’s attention was on Boxing Day. According to Green, it is a recurring event that you highlight at the beginning of the year, and you look forward to now that takes up 100% of your attention.

The newly acquired player for the Mumbai Indians has said that he does not attempt to draw too many conclusions from it and instead attempts to brush it off.

To be really honest, I do my best to sweep it all under the rug, and I do not make an effort to read too much into it. Uzzie has been onto me. He essentially approached me and said, “I want to let you know that it’s all very light humour and simply because I love you and I’m just so pleased for you,” and he said this to me in a really cheerful tone. Green continued by saying that the lads did an excellent job.

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