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3rd ODI: Australia versus India: Suryakumar Yadav is the driving force behind India’s bid to win the series

The Indian batsmen should do everything in their power to stop Mitchell Starc’s dangerous in-scoops when India plays Australia in the third ODI.

The prima donnas of Indian batting will have to fight back with all of their might against Mitchell Starc’s deadly in-dippers in Wednesday’s third ODI of the series against Australia.

If Starc is keeping batters awake, the other “Mitchell,” Mitchell Marsh, has hit nearly a dozen sixes (11 in two games), sending the Indian bowlers on a leather hunt. Combating “Mitchell the Menace” will be the Indian team’s top priority.

To stop the left-arm pacer, who is preparing to viciously bring the ball back into the hands of the right-handers and also take some of it away from them, the stars of the series, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Shubman Gill, and Suryakumar Yadav, will need to bat as hard as they can. Additionally, the right-handers will take some of the ball away from them. At 1-1, the series is tied.

Because Starc has made it abundantly clear that they are weak, a lot of changes need to be made to their mental and technical makeup. The majority of white ball games in India are played on flat decks, making it simpler for players to hit through the line without a lot of foot movement. If a batter uses their front foot, they can hit deliveries across the line with some success.

But Starc, who has a lot of skills, changed the situation by making passes that, after a lot of deviation in the air, would either scale back strongly in the leg-center line or fix in the off-center line. Starc was able to change things as a result of this.

Starc’s actions had been known to the Indians for some time, but they were skeptical that the conditions in Mumbai and Visakhapatnam would help him bowl better. The ball performed well in the air in Mumbai, yet it performed better in the air in Visakhapatnam, a shoreline city, than it did on the ground. All of the newly renovated Chepauk stands will be open to the public at future international games. There will also be a lot of attention paid to the most recent pitch.

Due to the fact that Chepauk typically produces a track that is suitable for slow bowlers, scoring runs in the middle overs may be challenging. However, during this year’s pitch preparation, keeping Chennai Super Kings’ strength in mind will be an interesting aspect, and fast bowlers may feel an initial nip off the surface.

The misrepresented development across the wrinkle has resulted in several identical first-ball excuses for Suryakumar Yadav in both ODIs, despite Surya’s concerns that he could not possibly go out of line with his forceful rearranging in the wrinkle in the T20Is.

You need to play the ball as late as possible and be perfectly balanced to play swing and seam. Given that he always tries to play late, Surya’s desire to meet the ball early in Twenty20 matches is surprising. Surya has not been very convincing thus far, despite the fact that this is his best chance to seize the opportunity and earn a spot in the ODI World Cup. Shreyas Iyer hasn’t been around in a while.

“obviously, as we have seen, and he knows that he should likewise perform well in the somewhat longer arrangement of the game,” the assertion continued, adding “He knows about that.” He is also considering options. “People with potential will have enough run so they don’t feel like I didn’t get enough opportunities in that particular opening,” said captain Rohit after the most recent game. Not only was Surya eliminated from the series, but also from the two games that came before it. He needs to win seven, eight, or ten games in a row. To calm him, the captain had stated.”

Surya may struggle to get his fair share of opportunities during the upcoming series of one-day internationals, which will only take place in June and July. It’s conceivable that Iyer as of now has sufficient wellbeing to succeed Surya.

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