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5 things fans expect to see in GTA 6 since the leak incident

GTA 6 is the famous name for the following untitled Stupendous Robbery Auto game. Most gamers ought to know about the enormous uber spill including this computer game that was in the titles the year before. It is fundamental to specify that this article won’t highlight any interactivity film or screen captures of the real spilled recordings.

Aside from that little disclaimer, it is important to express that this bullet point article will make reference to highlights tracked down in those breaks, so players who wish to stay away from spoilers ought to tread carefully.

The clearest thing that is probably not going to change between the releases and the eventual outcome is the incorporation of Jason and Lucia as GTA 6’s principal heroes. Both as of now have a person model and various voice lines, so it would be profoundly unlikely to see them cut this late being developed. In any case, their last plans are liable to being modified, particularly on the off chance that there is a level of customization present in the forthcoming title.

The all relevant information of the couple’s relationship will be uncovered when the game emerges. Early breaks preceding the uber spill have highlighted them having a Bonnie and Clyde dynamic.

One of the prominent video spills shows Lucia wearing a dark dress, which is unique in relation to the standard pink shirt and pants combo that she wore in different clasps. Past mainline Fabulous Robbery Auto games have had fantastic customization highlights, so something almost identical ought to be available in GTA 6.

The heroes ought to in any case have highlights that the player can’t change, similar to skin tone, orientation, and facial elements. Notwithstanding, their hairdos and dress are supposed to be adjustable. It would be coherent to expect that there will be more customization choices in GTA 6 than in past games, particularly since the game has been being developed for quite a while.

As a rule, Fantastic Burglary Auto establishment will in general make each mainline game look better compared to the past one. For this situation, it’s normal that GTA 6 will be more appealing than Fabulous Burglary Auto V.


In any case, one thing to note about the forthcoming game is that the greater part of the spilled recordings had low illustrations. That doesn’t mean the following title will look terrible. All things being equal, the more vulnerable illustrations settings were found in the holes for two essential reasons:

1. The game was still being developed, so the best visuals probably won’t have been executed at this point.
2.The purpose in beta testing is to have a functioning model that is utilized to track down blemishes in interactivity, not to respect the designs.

Some spilled GTA 6 recordings obviously show Jason and Lucia investigating insides. The past game in the establishment, Fantastic Robbery Auto V, didn’t have a very remarkable spotlight on insides, so those gamers ought to invite this change.

At any rate, they ought to anticipate that GTA 6 should include an enormous guide with a lot of structures that they can enter.

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