A Detailed Social Media Thread Explains Emiliano Martinez’s Mind Games And Psychology In The World Cup Final Against France

On his social media accounts, a professor from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences provided a comprehensive explanation of the mind games played by Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez on Sunday during the FIFA World Cup 2022 final against France. After Argentina vs. France’s thrilling final ended 3-3 after extra time and went to a penalty shootout, the Aston Villa goalkeeper was called upon.

Geir Jordet, a professor, took to his Twitter account and published an outstanding thread to provide an in-depth explanation of how Emiliano Martinez defeated his French opponents in the penalty shootout. The thread was titled

“Emilian Martinez’s mind games in Argentina vs. France game.”

Jordan displayed a number of images and detailed the actions Martinez took that elevated him to a higher position to support his argument. “Martinez set the stage and took ownership of the penalty area from the beginning,” he wrote in his thread.

While Lloris finished the coin throw, Martinez immediately strolled to the punishment region, trusting that Lloris will come, similar to he was inviting a guest to his own home: Now you are in my house!” The string added, “When Lloris shows up, Martinez starts a handshake. Same w Mbappé.

This is how he acts. He can appear charming and warm at first, which causes people to lose their guard and makes them more vulnerable when he strikes later. This ambiguity is abusive on its own and is part of his plan.” Even though football pundits took a lot of heat for how he behaved in the FIFA World Cup 2022 final, the most important thing is that he finished the job.

The 30-year-old assisted Argentina in capturing their third World Cup trophy in 36 years in 1978 and 1986 by making two saves, one of which was a miss. Martinez was also honored with the Golden Glove for his outstanding performance in goal.

The Aston Villa goalkeeper told Argentinian media outlet La Red, “I dedicate the title to my family,” about receiving the honor. I come from a very lowly background. When I was young, I went to England. I want to give it to them as a gift.”

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