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A second-generation WWE Superstar will undergo surgery tomorrow to treat a persistent injury.

As a WWE Superstar is discovering, the business of wrestling is far from simple. Arianna Grace, Santino Marella’s daughter, will have her second surgery tomorrow to treat an injury that has been bothering her for some time. Last year, Arianna Grace needed surgery after injuring her ACL. She has been recovering and getting checked out ever since.

In the new year, she declared on social media that when she recovered from her injury, she would make the year all her own.

“Tmo [tomorrow]iwill be 11 weeks since I had leg tendon medical procedure! Very pleased with the recovery process thus far, and eager to return to kick some butt. Even if it’s only the second half, this will be my year.”

Grace provided an update via tweet, stating that she would be attending the second round of her injury treatment tomorrow in Birmingham. She also asked her admirers to wish her success.

Santino Marella talked about his girl’s recuperation subsequent to harming herself, as well as her WWE vocation

When Santino Marella talked about his daughter’s recovery, he said that she was hopeful that she would be back in the spring of 2023. She should be able to return soon, but that does not appear to be possible any longer.

He additionally discussed her vocation in WWE. He stated that she not using the same in-ring name as him did not bother him. Additionally, he asserted that Grace could develop her career independently of him.

In March 2022, Grace announced her employment with the business. After that, on April 29 during NXT Level Up, she made her debut. She lost to Nikkita Lyons there however had various appearances after that also.

Since the 13th of October, she has been dealing with the issues that have arisen from her injury.

In most cases, recovering from an ACL injury can take anywhere from six to nine months. She may be able to return after her surgery tomorrow, once the rehabilitation is finished.

Sportskeeda wishes Arianna Grace speedy healing from her injury.

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