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According to a former Wasps Ladies director of rugby, the RFU’s plan calls for clubs to hire women first.

If the Rugby Football Union’s goal of having a woman lead the England men’s team becomes a reality, it will need more women in coaching roles in the Premiership.

As revealed exclusively by Telegraph Sport, one of the top female coaches in rugby has praised the RFU’s plan to put a woman in the running to be England men’s head coach in the next five to ten years, but she has also emphasized the need for improved career paths.

She has held positions at the London Irish academy and the amateur team Teddington in men’s rugby.

She is currently the director of women’s rugby at Ealing Trailfinders, which will compete in the Premier 15s next season. She is of the opinion that a number of female coaches have the potential to succeed in the men’s game; all that is required of them is an opportunity.

Mather commented on the RFU’s strategy, “It’s a wonderful aspiration, but it comes down to opportunity.” To be effective, female coaches require the appropriate experiences and opportunities. When will a female coach be hired by a male director of rugby? I helped Toby Booth with it. After we were in the same Level Three coaching group, he offered me a job at London Irish because he thought, “She knows her stuff.”

The bottom line is that many female coaches are prepared for and excel in assistant coaching positions in the Premier League; the challenge is securing that opportunity. Recognizing their value, it gives them authority and responsibility. Diversity on a coaching team, not just in terms of gender but also across the inclusion spectrum, increases the likelihood of enrolling every athlete in a program and significantly enhances the athletes’ experience.

The RFU can help prepare women, mentor them, and raise their profile with male DoRs to see if

they would fit.

Their club. It’s fine if the DoR decides she’s not a good fit for the club, but it’s about having the chance.

Mather has been asked to assist with coaching the Championship-winning men’s team at Ealing, and he is happy to do so when time permits.

She stated, “It’s progressive that Ben [Ward], the men’s director of rugby, wants me to coach the men.” While establishing a high-performance environment for female athletes at Ealing for the upcoming season is my top priority,

He has provided me with a number of opportunities to do so, which I will take advantage.

of in the near future.

Mather emphasized the significance of altering public perceptions in order for women in coaching positions to become the norm

rather than the exception. Although Andy Murray has worked with Amelie Mauresmo and Adam Peaty has won multiple gold medals.

with Mel Marshall as his is still unusual for women to coach men in team sports.

She stated, “It’s about changing things at the bottom as well as the top.” Girls need to coach at academies so boys don’t notice. We should have more female PE teachers coaching boys in rugby or football and more moms coaching minis rugby. The more young men and boys are coached by women, the more they will consider it to be the norm. which is how society is changed.

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