According To F1 Presenter, Lewis Hamilton Won’t Win His Record Championship Unless “Something Weird” Happens In 2023.

Ted Kravitz, an F1 host, has stated that unless something extraordinary occurs during the season, Lewis Hamilton is unlikely to win a record eighth title in 2023. The fact that Red Bull and Max Verstappen appear to be very strong and will likely dominate this season as well is not surprising. Even though Mercedes looks much better than they did last year, they still have a long way to go before they can compete with Red Bull.

Kravitz elaborated on his statement that it is highly unlikely that Lewis Hamilton will win his eighth championship this season in a Sky Sports F1 YouTube video: Is that really going to take place? Because Lewis isn’t going to win an eighth championship this year unless something really strange happens, is he?

Kravitz also mentioned how Mercedes frequently used the word “eventually” when discussing their hopes of winning the championship and announcing their challenge for 2023. According to remarks made by team manager Toto Wolff and driver George Russell, Mercedes may require some time to recover and compete for titles. Kravitz went on:

At Mercedes, the phrase is “eventually.” At the launch, Toto stated, We need a car that can eventually compete for the championship. According to George Russell, in one response, the word “eventually” was used twice. After being nine, ten, and eleven months behind on the vehicle from last year, they are still behind.

It would appear from the F1 preseason testing in 2023 that Hamilton and Mercedes will have a tough time competing with Ferrari and Red Bull.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s rivalry, according to the former F1 champion, could eventually ignite

Damon Hill, a former F1 world champion, has stated that Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s relationship could deteriorate if Mercedes develop a championship-winning vehicle.

Hill noticed that they cooperate well with one another and work together to improve the team. That could, however, change a lot if either driver ends up competing for the championship. Hill wrote:

Because they were in the same trenches last season, they managed to stay out of trouble without incident. However, when they have a winning car, things get serious. George is one of the nicest and most respectful people I’ve ever met, but when the prize is so big and you’ve worked for it all your life, elbows inevitably get sharper.”

Lewis Hamilton will without a doubt make every effort to win his eighth world title, while Russell will try to win his first. Hill, on the other hand, is prepared to back the seven-time world champion simply on the basis of his experience and performance history.

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