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After Everton’s FA Cup exit, Lampard says he has no control over their future

After a 4-1 home loss to Brighton & Hove Albion on Tuesday, Everton fell into the relegation zone. They were booed off the field but Lampard insisted that he was not worried about his job.
After his team lost to Manchester United 3-1 on Friday. Everton manager Frank Lampard said he had no control over his future at the club.

After a 4-1 home loss to Brighton & Hove Albion on Tuesday, Everton fell into the relegation zone. They were jeered as they left the pitch, but Lampard said he was unconcerned about losing his job.
“I have no control over that. I shouldn’t concentrate on that.

“It’s up to me to concentrate on what I saw tonight. Which was a performance with the team’s attitude and focus that every manager wants,” Lampard told ITV. “The current focus is Southampton, the upcoming league matchup for Everton. I only want to talk about the players and how well they played, not about my future.

Conor Coady stopped Antony’s first goal in the first half. But United scored again after the break when Coady put the ball in his own net. After a VAR review, Everton had a goal disallowed for offside. But a late penalty kick from Marcus Rashford sealed their fate.

According to Lampard, the player had injured ankle ligaments and was on crutches. Lampard added, “I think we deserved better.”
“In terms of organization, game plan, and work ethic, the players were excellent.

Things that ought to be fundamental in football are questioned when you put on a performance like we did last night (against Brighton). “We did a great job. I believe we had the best chance. We missed a goal and had some good chances.

Most likely, the difference between the two teams was Marcus Rashford. That can be done to you by top talent.” After the FA Cup defeat, Lampard said that the 9,000 visiting fans’ off-pitch applause for their team showed that his team still had the potential to improve.

“When the players perform with the enthusiasm of an Everton player, the fans will react. Even in defeat, that speaks volumes,” he continued. “This league can change quickly, and if you’re in a tough run. You have to work really hard to get out, but it can change,” reads the article.

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