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Alexa Bliss Speaks Out About Her Top WWE Goal For 2023

Alexa Bliss is motivated by the creative aspect of professional wrestling rather than by gold.
In WWE, “The Five Feet of Fury” has won five world championships and held the title of WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion three times.

Bliss recently stated that she could one day be in the company’s Hall of Fame in light of her numerous awards, but championships are not her primary focus at this point in her career.

The former “Raw” Women’s Champion discussed her ultimate objective for the upcoming year 2023 with Rob Armstrong of BT Sport.

She stated, “I want to grow as a person and see what else I can become.”After making her television debut in May, Bliss had the impression that her character was “in limbo,” but she now believes that “there is a lot more to explore” for this particular iteration.

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Bliss went on to say that although she “would love to be champion again” at some point, she would rather be a challenger at the moment.

She stated, “It’s nice to see new people hold titles because I feel like we see a lot of the same people hold titles.”When Liv Morgan won the SmackDown Women’s title, I was overjoyed.

So, it’s cool to compete against different people, and if I’m not going to win, I want to work against the champion.

When she and Asuka won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships a few weeks ago, the multiple champions added another belt to her collection. The duo then lost out on the title at Crown Jewel on November 5, five days later.

Even though Bliss’s direction on screen now seems a little off, she previously said that she had creative ideas for her character. Sadly, she told “MackMania,” “it just hasn’t gotten there yet.”

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