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America beat Iran 1-0 on the team’s defeat: Iran is out of the World Cup

In the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar, America defeated Iran 1-0 late on Tuesday night in a Group B match. Usually, there is an atmosphere of mourning in the country on the defeat of a team, but in this case, the opposite was seen.

After this defeat, celebrations were held in many cities in Iran. In Iran, women are not allowed to go out without covering their heads. By doing so, the Moral Police there can arrest the women and interrogate them. The protesters allege that Masha was tortured by the police, which led to her death.

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Iran is out of the World Cup

Iran’s team has been eliminated from the tournament after losing 2 out of 3 matches in the group stage. Iran was defeated by England 6-2 in the first match.

After this, the Iranian team tried to make a comeback by defeating Wales 2-0. However, their hopes of reaching the knockouts were shattered after a 1-0 defeat against the United States.

Opposition to the government is the biggest reason

Protests against the government are going on in Iran these days. Such protests started after the death of a woman named Masha Amini in police custody on September 16. Masha was accused of not wearing the hijab properly.

People consider the team as part of the government

People celebrating Iran’s defeat believe that their football team represents the government there and not the common people. In many big cities of Iran including Tehran, people took to the streets to celebrate the defeat against America.

women in protest

In Iran, women are actively participating in the latest protests. They are demanding more rights and openness for themselves. The government of Iran is making every effort to suppress this demonstration.

Iranian players did not sing the national anthem in the first match

At the start of the tournament, the players of the Iran football team were also reported to be in agreement with the ongoing protests in the country. The Iranian players did not sing the national anthem before the match against England. However, in the match against Wales, he changed his stand and sang the anthem. After this, the popularity of the team declined among supporters of the protests in Iran.

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