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Ana Ivanovic discusses the circumstances that led her to quit one month after she turned 29.

Ana Ivanovic has discussed her decision to terminate her professional tennis career at the age of 29, and she has stated that her ongoing struggle with injuries was a major factor in her choice. Ivanovic announced that she will be retiring on December 28th, 2016. Ivanovic had turned 29 years old only one month prior to making the news of her retirement.

Ivanovic marked the sixth year anniversary of her declaration of retirement by posting a video to her Instagram account. Ivanovic’s first line of inquiry was directed on determining the impetus behind her decision to call it quits as a professional athlete.

Ivanovic explained her decision in a video that she posted to Instagram. In the clip, she said, “I think it’s always a very hard moment in your career when you make that decision but to be honest, last year or over a year, I was really struggling with a lot of injuries and I felt like I could never get myself back in shape to be in the top and I really felt it was time for me to step back and to look for other opportunities and other wishes that I had for starting.

Ivanovic on how difficult it was to decide to retire

“It was an extremely difficult task. I believe that making that choice was one of the most difficult ones I had to make. But in addition to that, it was reassuring since it marked the beginning of such a wonderful era in my life, and I was quite excited for what was ahead of me “Ivanovic stated.

Ivanovic’s profession was prosperous, and she achieved that prosperity at a very tender age in her life.

Ivanovic competed in the final of her maiden Grand Slam tournament in the 2007 French Open, however she was defeated by Justine Henin. Ivanovic then competed in the final of the 2008 Australian Open, where she was defeated by Maria Sharapova and placed second. This was Ivanovic’s second Grand Slam final appearance.

Ivanovic didn’t let the fact that she had lost two Grand Slam finals discourage her, as shown by the fact that she won her maiden Grand Slam championship by defeating Dinara Safina in the final of the 2008 French Open. Ivanovic made history on June 9, 2008, when she ascended to the number one ranking for the first time in her professional career. After  winning the French Open in 2008, Ivanovic never made it back to the final of another Grand Slam tournament again in her career.

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