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Antonio Conte Issues Warning Regarding Tottenham Hotspur’s Future

Antonio Conte issued a warning to Tottenham that he may resign if he does not enjoy the challenge of attempting to transform the team into a serious contender for major championships.

With Inter Milan, Chelsea, and Juventus, Conte has won domestic league titles. When the 53-year-old arrived at Tottenham in late 2021 to find the team in turmoil, he called the team’s impressive fourth-place finish in the Premier League a “miracle.”

However, in his efforts to establish the foundations for long-term success at a club that last won a trophy in 2008, Conte has repeatedly stressed the need for patience.

The Italian could leave Tottenham if he doesn’t get the support he needs from chairman Daniel Levy to improve his squad through the transfer market, given the club’s inconsistent performance this season.

Conte, who is out of contract at the end of the season, made it clear in an interview ahead of Wednesday’s trip to Crystal Palace that he is aware of the size of the challenge at Tottenham.

“I realized that my job is different here. “It is my responsibility to assist the club, establish a solid foundation, and then attempt to improve,” he stated.

“If you ask me: The task at hand right now is not to win the Champions League or the Premier League; the challenge is to do so.

“My responsibility is to assist the club I discovered. In November 2021, I found the club in a difficult situation for numerous reasons and signed a contract.

“This is now my greatest obstacle here. I must now accept this if I want to remain here. Otherwise, I must leave if I do not accept this.”

Proceeded how long he would give the Tottenham project, Conte acknowledged there could come when he needs to leave north London.

“It wasn’t easy for me at first. An important experience, this one. ” “I accepted to do this.”

“This is my greatest obstacle. to continue working so hard with my staff and players to build a strong foundation and improve the club. persuaded 100% then I can leave my work here.”

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