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Apex Legends Mobile device Requirements, File Size, Trailer, all you need to know about it

After several beta tests and some delays, Finally, Apex Legends Mobile software was launched. And now the official release date of Apex Legends Mobile has finally been announced. In which you have the possibility to get the game on 17th May 2022. But I can’t be sure that the game won’t be too late. Check Apex Legends Mobile device Requirements.

However, its widespread availability has made it compatible with PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Not only that, Respawn is now launching Apex Legend Mobile with Mobile Exclusive Legend Game Mode and many more. So right now this game is a big fight like other Battle Royale games like BGMI and Fortnite.

Apex Legends Mobile device Requirements

Apex Legends Mobile device Requirements, File Size, Trailer

This popular game is now available for download for both Android and iOS users. Similarly, the mobile version of this game promises to bring the popular based battle royal and high adrenaline squad-based gameplay. And for all these reasons the title is famous.

But now the thing is you need to know some things. Naturally, you are also thinking of downloading the game. And for that, this system requires your knowledge of gameplay and much more. Everything is set ready for the fans to enjoy the ride.

Mobile device requirements:

The minimum space required for your mobile has been revealed. So let’s go and see the place without delay. Because you have to have enough space on your phone to download the game.

For Android User-

  • First, your device must be 8.1.
  • Your phone needs at least 2GB RAM and 4GB of available storage
  • Similarly, your Android screen size should be NLXL.
  • Other than that, your phone will need at least something equivalent to the Snapdragon 435.

For iOS User-

  • For iOS users, your iPhone must have at least an A9 chipset
  • Your iPhone must be a device 6s or later. Not only that, the OS version should be 11 or more.
  • And last but not least, your phone must have at least 2 GB of RAM.

File size:

Nothing more, just give 3GB free space. Yes, you can play Apex Legend Mobile without any hesitation only if your phone has 3GB of free space. Because the mobile version weighs about 2.8 GB.

Although this is the size of the initial download. But when you download and install all the in-game data, the size will be around 4.7 GB on the Android device.

But remember it is only the size for that moment. If further updates or something else comes later, the mobile file size may increase.


In the trailer, we see a kingdom. Which our legends are rushing to attack. And then the name of Apex Legend Mobile is floating on the screen. And their entry is just like PUBG, Free Fire Mobile. However, there are helicopters instead of parachutes.

And then? Then the fight started. Your legends are fighting. In fact, you are fighting through your legend. So get ready to witness and fight this epic battle.