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Apple beat the Microsoft and Nintendo in the gaming

I mean how! Ya man how apple? It sounds surprising and at the same time, it’s wonderful. Of course, this is a great achievement for Apple. And it’s very much unexpected and amazing for everyone. Because the gaming industry’s bosses are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Check Apple beat the Microsoft and Nintendo in the gaming.

And standing there, Apple, all of a sudden, beating everyone up, it’s very astonishing. Honestly, when I hear the news this question comes to my mind, how? And it never occurred to me that I was alone. Many like me have been surprised. And so I hope that reading my article will surely satisfy everyone’s curiosity.

Apple beat the Microsoft and Nintendo in the gaming

Apple beat the Microsoft and Nintendo in the gaming
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However, a new report reveals the ranking of companies in the gaming industry in terms of revenue. And as soon as this list was published, everyone’s curiosity skyrocketed. Because Apple is sitting quite third in this list quite interestingly.

And standing in that place, companies like Microsoft and Nintendo are sitting behind Apple. In a word, Apple has beaten several other brands that focus on gaming. Although Sony company is in the first place.

Cupertino-based tech giant earns an estimated 15.3 billion in games in 2021. As a result, the market for mobile games has grown by +12.5 % in the year 2021.

Needless to say, this growth will help holders of the two largest mobile platforms increase their revenue by 2021. Similarly, for Apple, revenue has increased by 17.7% year on year. Google, on the other hand, ranked fifth with revenue growth of + 20.8 %.

Secret Of apple success:

Apple beat the Microsoft and Nintendo in the gaming
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Although Apple does not share the revenue by individual divisions. But at the same time, Apple is known as a huge driver for the gaming company’s services department.

Not only that, out of the 126 billion generated in 2021, Apple’s estimated revenue was billion15.3 billion. And as a result, Apple is overtaken only by Sony and Tencent.

Apple can generate high revenue in the gaming market due to the massive growth of mobile gaming. Which now makes up more than half of the market.

At the same time, Apple significantly cuts all purchases made through their App Store. As a result, app developers are controversially needed to manage transactions.

However, it is not possible to say what will happen in 2022. Microsoft and Sony could take over their respective positions very soon. Because as I said before, they are the boss of the gaming world.

Imagine if someone else snatched your throne, you would try your best to snatch it a second time. However, congratulations to Apple for this new place.

Last but not least, there is no secret to anyone’s success. Because hard work is behind success.