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Argentina beat Estonia 5-0: Messi scored all the goals second time in his career



Argentina defeated Estonia 5–0 in a friendly match under the captaincy of Lionel Messi. Messi scored all the goals in this match. Messi has scored 5 goals in a match for the second time in his career. Prior to this, he scored 5 goals against German club Bayer Leverkusen in the 2012 Champions League quarterfinal. This was the first time a player had scored 5 goals in the Champions League.

The first goal of the match came via a penalty. Messi did not make any mistake in converting this penalty taken in the 8th minute. After that, he scored 4 more goals. He doubled the team’s lead before halftime. He scored a goal immediately after half-time to reduce the score to 3-0. In his match, scoring goals in the 71st and 74th minutes gave the team a 5-0 victory.

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Messi’s 56th hat-trick

This is Messi’s 56th hat-trick. He ranks third in the list of players who have scored the most hat-tricks in football history. Cristiano Ronaldo (60) is in second and Pele (92) in the first place.

Estonia is the 30th country against which Messi scored

Estonia is the 30th country against which Messi scored. Messi has scored against every team in his career.

Argentina has recently won the CONMEBOL- UEFA cup of champions

Team Argentina recently won the CONMEBOL- UEFA cup of champions against Italy. Player of the match Lionel Messi has put another title in Argentina’s bag with his charismatic game. This title was Finalissim-2022.

For only the third time in football history, the finalism match has taken place. Earlier, this match played in 1993 was won by Argentina in a penalty shootout. Then Messi did not know how to play football then. He was only five years old. Messi joined the first football club at the age of six.