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‘Arjun Kitna naseebwala hai’ He is the son of Sachin Tendulkar; he has iPads, cars, and everything else… Father to son, Sarfraz Khan

Naushad recalled a touching story about his young son’s innocence in which he briefly compared his life to that of Arjun Tendulkar, the son of legendary India batsman Sachin Tendulkar, with whom he frequently played or met in his early career.

Recently, Indian cricket has been abuzz with the talk of Sarfaraz Khan. Sarfaraz has been making a lot of noise in domestic cricket over the past few months due to the plethora of runs he has been scoring.

Despite the fact that he has not yet received his first India cap. This has fans and experts fuming that he has not been selected for the national team in the past.

However, despite the outside noise, the 25-year-old has maintained his composure as he scores another century in the Ranji Trophy, two days after not being selected for the 17-member squad for the first two Tests against Australia.

Sarfaraz’s life has not been easy. Naushad Khan worked odd jobs to support his son’s dream of becoming a cricketer and making ends meet.

As a result, Sarfaraz values his father’s support more than anything else, which probably helped him maintain his composure during his ongoing battle with the denials.

When Naushad spoke with Indian Express, he recalled a touching story about his son’s innocence. In it, he briefly compared his life to that of Arjun Tendulkar.

The son of legendary India batter Sachin Tendulkar, with whom he frequently played or met in his early career, before acknowledging the significance of his father’s sacrifice.

“Abbu, Arjun is a kitna naseebwala hai?” Arjun has a lot of luck. As his father remembered, he is Sachin sir’s son and owns everything—cars, iPods, everything,” a young Sarfaraz remarked.

Naushad was speechless, but he remembered that his son quickly returned to him, hugged him, and said, “I’m more fortunate than him.” You can give me the whole day. His father is unable to accommodate him.

In an effort to make the Indian Test squad for the upcoming Border-Gavaskar series against Australia at home, Sarfaraz continues to rack up runs in the Ranji Trophy.

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