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Asia Cup Under-19 Winners List of all Season

ACC or Under-19 Asia Cup is a cricket tournament. Where ACC member countries organize for under nineteen teams. It was first held in Bangladesh in 1989. Played in nine editions from 1989 to 2021. Check Asia Cup Under-19 Winners List of all Season.

It was renamed the ACC Under-19 Elite Cup in 2007. Nepal is the most successful of the Elite Cup winners, who have won the tournament four times in a row. There is a third level of the tournament. Which is, ACC Under-19 Challenge Cup.

Asia Cup Under-19 Winners List of all Season

Asia Cup Under-19 Winners List of all Season
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ACC Cup has four groups, which are divided into 16 teams. And each team can play three matches on the league stage with their group members. India is the most title-winning team in this game.

From the list below you can see which teams have won the top spot from start to finish-

1st Edition:

The first game was played in Bangladesh in 1989. Where India lost to Sri Lanka and won the title. India won by 79 runs here, and India’s total score was 224/7.

2nd Edition:

The second ACC Cup was held in 2003 in Pakistan. The venue of this cup was Gaddafi Stadium. Where India again lost to Sri Lanka and took the top spot. India won by 8 wickets here and India’s total score was 229/2.

3rd Edition:

The third ACC Cup was held in 2012. This year’s host country was Malaysia. Unfortunately, no country was able to claim the title in this year’s game. And the match between Pakistan and India was tied.
For this, the two countries had to share the trophy. The venue for this year’s ACC Cup was the Kinara Oval.

4th Edition:

The fourth ACC under 19 cup, was held in 2013-14. Whose host country was, UAE. And the game was held at the Saharaj Cricket Stadium in UAE.
Where India was again declared the winning team. India captured their victory by defeating Pakistan by 40 runs. And India’s total score was 314/8

5th Edition:

The fifth game was held in Sri Lanka in 2016. The venue for this game was R Premadasa Stadium. Where India snatched his victory again. Here India lost to Sri Lanka by 34 runs.

6th Edition:

The sixth game was held in 2017 in Malaysia. And the Kinara Oval Stadium was again chosen as its venue. Where Afghanistan faced Pakistan. And Afghanistan defeated Pakistan by 185 runs to win the title.

7th Edition:

The seventh edition of ACC Under-19 was organized in Bangladesh in 2018. Where India again secured victory by 144 runs. And again Sri Lanka lost to India.

8th Edition:

The eighth edition of ACC Under-19 was held in Sri Lanka in 2019. Where India defeated Bangladesh by 5 runs to ensure its victory.

9th Edition:

The ninth edition of the ICC Under 90s was held in the UAE in 2021. Needless to say, India secured their victory again by 9 wickets. and the team that gave 9 wickets to India is Sri Lanka.

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