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Asian Youth Beach Handball Championship 2022: Indian Women Won Silver Medal

Asian Youth Beach Handball Championship takes place every four years. This was the 2nd edition in 2022. The year of origination of the tournament was 2015. While the 1st edition of the championship was played in 2016. The organizer of the league is the Asian Handball Federation.

Thailand the host is the current champion in the women’s category. Thailand women’s team won the gold medal. While the champion in the men’s category is the team I.R. Iran.

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Silver Medal For Indian Women

India has won the silver medal in the Asian Youth Beach Handball Championship. Thanks to the excellent performance of the four daughters of Himachal. The competition took place in Thailand from 25 to 30 April. While the competition in the men’s category was held from 22 – 28 March 2022.

The Indian team that went to Thailand included four players from Morsinghi Handball Nursery in Bilaspur. Himachal Handball Association President Bharat Sahni said that this achievement of the Indian women’s team has special significance for Himachal.

Sanjana, Jassi, and Vanshika was a member of the Indian team from Himachal Pradesh. She scored several goals for the teams in the league. At the same time, goalkeeper Chetna made her contribution too.

IHA President Jaganmohan Rao and Vice President Dr. Anandeshwar Pandey congratulated the team. Also, General Secretary Tejraj Singh and Treasurer Vinay Singh felt proud. The players, coaches, and other team officials worked very hard for the championship. This was the 6 days tournament in the capital of Thailand Bangkok.

India is also developing in the sports of beach handball. This victory of the Indian women’s team will further increase the confidence of Indian youngsters, who want to make their careers in the field of beach handball. The Indian government is trying to improve the sports infrastructure and facilities for the players.

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