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At last, Dhoni’s disciple retired, but the ground did not go away!

Former Indian batsman Suresh Raina means two years ago, i.e., on August 15, 2020, international cricketer Ramram Thokla would have died. Even if it is so, the hunger to attack it is still not lacking. At present, the Abu Dhabi T10 League tournament is being played. Tyala Deccan Gladiators sanghane aapya tafyat samil banana aahe.

The tournament’s eighth game featured Deccan Gladiators and New York Strikers. Match rainachi bat chanlich talpali in your favour. Deccan Gladiators vs New York Strikers: Team India’s former player Suresh Raina retired from all forms of cricket in 2020. After that Raina announced his retirement from IPL. Now Raina plays in the T-10 League and he has been brought in by the Deccan Gladiators association.

In the match with Raina New York Strikers, he was seen to bat aggressively. Raina’s batting in T-10 has once again been brought into the limelight. Rainachya Sangha’s wickets had fallen, at that time Rainacha Sangha would make 100 raids. Only Raina Alyawar showed his game. Avaya scored 28 runs in 19 balls. In that game, he hit 2 fours and 1 six.

In IPL of 2022, Raina remained unsold, and Tyavarshi was criticized. After that, Raina started participating in the league. Debut special performance karu shakla nahi. Because in the first match, it would have started after zero hours. Australia’s experienced bowler Andrew Tyene was late.

Rainane Ghazwali Abu Dhabi T10 League

Deccan Gladiators vs New York Strikers clashed in the ninth match of the Abu Dhabi T10 League. Or Katya’s fight was seen in the game. Suresh Raina, the smallest type of cricket, was able to show his batting prowess. If he came to bat, then his team would have struggled to reach 100 runs. Merely, Raina Kreejwar and the Strikers Sangh’s balls were fired by him.

He scored 28 runs with the help of 19 balls, one six, and two fours. Because of this, his sangha was successful in raising a satisfactory score. Raina and Odion Smith (38) scored 109 runs in Zorawar Gladiators losing 7 wickets. Hey, Awahan Strikers, Sanghaane 2 wickets gum mat par banana. That’s why he faced 8 wickets in his boat.

Jhala would have flopped in the first match

Especially, after the mega auction of IPL 2022 remained unsold, Raina would have been dismayed to comment. After that, he started participating in different leagues. It would have been difficult to play in the Legends cricket only. Aata toh abu dhabi t10 league mein dhawancha paus padtoy. Merely, or his debut in the league was nothing special.

Or in the first match of the tournament, the tent would have been pitched with zero runners. Andrew Tye of Australia would have made tents for him. (former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina innings t10 league know more)

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