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At Money in the Bank, WWE might pull off the biggest heel turn in a long time.

WWE has a couple of exciting premium live events coming up after the successful Backlash: Money in the Bank and Night of Champions The last option could be one more exceptional evening, as it will happen in London, Britain. While Drew McIntyre was recently removed from WWE’s advertising, Roman Reigns has been promoted for the show.

This comes amid widespread speculation that, to the dismay of his fans, he might quit the company before the end of his current contract. The Scottish Champion is additionally harmed. However, McIntyre absolutely must be at Money in the Bank as long as he is cleared to compete by July 1. With him not being promoted any longer, he ought to make an unexpected return and cause a monstrous pop prior to turning heel, breaking great many hearts.

Drew McIntyre is able to take on the World Heavyweight Champion, probably Seth Rollins, and he can also win the Money in the Bank briefcase and cash in. It would give him new life in WWE, whether for a few months or years, and significantly refresh his character.

The way that it would occur in McIntyre’s nation of origin of the UK makes it much greater. Fans may cheer for the heel turn, but the former WWE Champion can immediately deliver a venomous promo. He could guarantee they didn’t mind how harmed he was and supported him to “hurt his body” while likewise refering to the consistent hypothesis of his possible exit.

However, attacking Cody Rhodes and costing him the Money in the Bank contract might be the best way to indicate Drew McIntyre’s true heel turn in the UK. The London crowd may boo their beloved countryman due to the film’s popularity.

Regardless of whether he is leaving WWE, Drew McIntyre should be on the planet title scene after Cash in the Bank

If Drew McIntyre is leaving, he should sign a lot of superstars with months to go until the end of his current contract. This incorporates Seth Rollins or Cody Rhodes, whoever he goes after at Cash in the Bank in the above situation.

The Scottish Warrior must contend for the World Heavyweight Championship in either case. In most situations, McIntyre poses a real threat and could win the title. So either Rollins or Rhodes would procure a monstrous success.

He might bring home the World Heavyweight Championship in a significant stunner before WWE reports he has marked another arrangement. Because both of Drew McIntyre’s reigns at the WWE Championship took place without any fans present, it should come as no surprise that he would be champion. If he continues, the Scotsman ought to be guaranteed another one.

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