At the conclusion of the season, Inter Miami is certain to sign a legend from Barcelona: Reports

Inter Miami CF, a team in Major League Soccer, are confident in their ability to acquire Barcelona star Sergio Busquets. At the conclusion of the current season, the Spaniard’s contract at Camp Nou expires.
SPORT’s Alfredo Martinez said that the MLS team is already talking to Busquets.

To make room for the midfielder, they are currently working to cut the club’s salary. Rodolfo Pizarro, who was recently on loan at Monterrey in Liga MX, is also being considered for Inter Miami’s exit. Following Gonzalo Higuain’s retirement at the conclusion of the previous season,

the MLS team has already seen a significant reduction in its wage bill. Al Nassr has also been linked to Busquets, and Barcelona is still interested in keeping him at the club.

The manager of Barcelona is determined to keep Sergio Busquets :

Xavi, the manager of Barcelona, has said that he wants to keep Sergio Busquets at the club regardless of what happens to him in the future. He thinks the midfielder is still an important member of the team’s staff and a leader on the field.

Recently, Xavi was quoted as saying:

“We did it a long time ago, so we haven’t talked about his future Busquets before. It’s up to you to decide. He is one of history’s best pivots. Despite his underappreciation, he is essential to me. It’s up to him, but I hope he feels strong enough to continue.

Earlier in the season, Xavi stated that he wanted to keep the veteran midfielder :

“This is Barcelona, it is normal, and it is always the same: three or four players are called out when you lose. We are all made visible when we lose. I wouldn’t change a thing, Busquets. He is still crucial and very important. He won’t participate in some games.

However, Busi always raises issues because he is the captain and a team member. Xavi expanded: “The dressing room is very healthy here. Because I can see inside how things are working, they will eventually fall off. That it comes to an end is a fact. October is here.

If he feels at ease, we’ll see how the season goes and how he performs. That is an individual choice. As the season went on, I decided. In that position, there is no natural relief for us. Nico and Pjanic were with us, but they chose to leave.” Barcelona is the best team in La Liga and wants to win the league once more.

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