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At the Monaco Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton races with his nose stud

Lewis Hamilton wore his nose stud to the Monaco Grand Prix after the sport’s regulatory body extended the exemption for drivers wearing jewellery till the end of June.

At the Monaco Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton races with his nose stud

Hamilton had been granted a two-race temporary dispensation to not to wear his stud, which he claimed required surgical intervention. Which only included the Miami Grand Prix and last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, suggesting he might have been prevented from playing the race in Monaco if the regulations had been fully followed.

The FIA’s exclusion additionally applies to Azerbaijan on June 12 and Canada on June 19. Following the racers’ meeting at the Spanish GP, talks took held to examine how the use of jewellery might be regulated in a secure environment.

“It’s absolutely nice that we’re working with (the FIA), and I believe they’re accommodating (us) a little bit at the moment,” Hamilton said ahead of the first practise session on Friday.

However, he remains dissatisfied with the situation.

“To be honest, I think there’s simply too much time and attention being devoted to this.” “I’ve spoken all I feel I need to say about it in the previous few races, and that’s not where my concentration is this weekend,” Hamilton explained. “We shouldn’t have to come back to this every weekend.” We certainly have larger fish to fry.”

In Miami, Hamilton criticised the FIA’s restriction on body piercings. He came in the paddock wearing at least four layered necklaces, and he was subsequently photographed wearing at least three watches and four rings on each hand – in addition to his studs and nose ring.

With the rule part of official scrutineering, the FIA strengthened its restriction on non-regulatory undergarments and body piercings, implying such decisions are open to scrutiny by race organizers.

In Miami, Hamilton stated that he would sign a waiver admitting complete blame.

“I suppose we’ve all wear jewellery through our Formula One careers,” Hamilton remarked on Friday. “It hasn’t been an issue in the past, and there’s no justification why it should be today.”

According to the FIA, wearing jewellery underneath fire proof garments may diminish safety.