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Australia Legends vs West Indies Legends Dream11 Prediction, Head to Head All You Need to Know



Australia is a shining star in the world of cricket. Not only today but since the beginning of Australia’s journey, Australia has been known as one in cricket. One by one, Australia has gifted legendary cricketers to the world of cricket. The immense love of the fans towards each of those players is still skyrocketing. Check Australia Legends vs West Indies Legends Prediction.

The name of Australia is still indescribable in the world of cricket today. And the full share of this achievement goes to the Australian national cricket team. Initially, Australia had only the men’s national team, but now there are women’s national teams. Needless to say, both the parties did not shy away from making their own country proud.

Australia Legends vs West Indies Legends Dream11 Prediction

Australia Legends vs West Indies Legends Prediction
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They have to be humiliated everywhere because their skin colour is black. But how to make a place in people’s minds with this black colour can be understood by looking at the West Indies cricket team. In fact, colour, race, nothing matters when love is remembered. However, another well known and very popular name in the world of cricket is West Indies.

Like Australia, the West Indies are giving us many great legends. Even today, when you hear the name of Chris Gayle, people think of him as a storm. In the face of Gayle’s storm, many legendary players are forced to return to the pavilion.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Road Safety Series, we will see these two legendary teams face to face. Due to the previous corona, the two teams were supposed to face off but it didn’t happen.

But this time there are no more obstacles. You can enjoy the match today from 7 pm. But the biggest question here is, who is more likely to win Australia or the West Indies?

Head to head:

Who will win the match is definitely a big question. But more importantly, we need to know what happened when those two teams came face to face. Because today’s match depends a lot on this face.

Most importantly, the former cricketers play here according to the rules of the Road Safety Series. So maybe you can see those who were missing out on cricket again here.

However, the West Indies and Australia have met almost 27 times so far. So far Australia has won most of the matches they have faced.

Needless to say, Australia has won 17 of their 27 matches. And unfortunately, the West Indies have won the match only 8 times.

At the same time, 2 matches were drawn out of 27 matches between Australia and West Indies.

time to prediction:

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According to the statistics, the previous performance of the West Indies was not very good in road safety. India has twice beaten West Indies in previous matches. Not only that, West Indies played a total of six matches in the previous road safety.

In just two matches, West Indies won. And in the remaining four matches, the West Indies did not win at all. However, I would like to say that Brian Lara will be the captain of West Indies this time as before.

And this year, today’s match in the West Indies is going to be the first match. Australia, on the other hand, is a legendary cricket team. Although this is their first road safety match.

Despite that, the Australian team looks very confident and aggressive. Needless to say, everyone expects a lot from this team. Most importantly Australia knows how to win big tournaments.

At the same time, Brett Lee is the captain of Australia this time. It would be interesting to see exactly what happens when Brett Lee and Brian Lara face off.

According to statistics, Australia has an 80% chance of winning. Maybe my predictions could prove wrong in the field. But most of the time the West Indies and Australia have met, and Australia has won.