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Australia name strong squad for India hockey series Australia name strong squad for India hockey

Australia head coach Colin Batch selected the team for Saturday’s first match following the conclusion of their domestic league last weekend in Bendigo. Co-chiefs Aran Zalewski and Eddie Ockenden, who will play in his 400th international on Sunday in the second game, will steer the ship.
Ky Willott, Tom Craig, Dylan Martin, Ben Rennie, Lachlan Sharp, and Tom Craig made up the team that won the Kookaburras their seventh gold medal in a row at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.Andrew Charter won’t be able to play in the first two games because he is getting married on Thursday in Perth.Batch acknowledges that the No. 1 in the world is1 group is in a precarious circumstance as it gets ready for the World Cup in Odisha in January.Since the CWG, the entire squad has not been together.
Similar Stories: said Suryakumar, who is in white-hot form and is backed to play Test cricket. This is a bit different to our usual preparation in that we’re usually together for a long time training in Perth, but we haven’t all been together since the Commonwealth Games. Bangladesh moves India’s This is a little different from how we usually prepare because we usually train together for a long time in Perth, but we haven’t all been together since the Commonwealth Games.That makes it even more crucial to fix it right away and get back together, “Batch, who wants Australia to win the World Cup for the first time since 2014, said.

We will begin with this series against India right now, and we have a great deal of faith that we can do that.

We won’t roll out numerous improvements to our group since everything revolves around World Cup readiness.We believe that we have a core group of players who are performing exceptionally well.Opportunities will continue to be provided by us.
Australia will only play five internationals before the World Cup.On the other hand, the Pro League has seen participation from numerous other nations.

The Kookaburras won’t play in the Pro League until late February.The last time India and Australia met, India lost to Australia 0-7 in the CWG final.

Since we won’t play in the Pro League until next year, these games against India are like training for the World Cup.According to Batch, we will be prepared for the World Cup, but before we leave for the tournament, we must apply what we learned from our matches against India to our final weeks of training.

India, they’re a very good team.I anticipate a very close series because.

we do not anticipate reaching the level we achieved at the Commonwealth Games.Because these matches are also part of the selection process, players are competing for a spot on the World Cup team.The group’s success at the World Cup is a result of these five matches.

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