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Australian teams worried about Sri Lanka’s Crises

Sri Lanka is experiencing its greatest economic turmoil since independence in 1948, with a chronic lack of foreign cash restricting imports and exports. Majory basics such as gasoline and pharmaceuticals are also facing a lot of shipping problems. Check out complete details about it below.

Australian teams worried about Sri Lanka’s Crises

Australia’s team has voiced moral considerations regarding their planned trip of Sri Lanka, which is in the middle of a financial downturn. But will respect the move to go forward with the visit, according to Cricket Australia (CA) CEO Todd Greenberg.

Sri Lanka is undergoing its biggest financial difficulty since sovereignty in 1948, with a chronic lack of foreign cash severely limiting imports, especially basics such as gasoline and pharmaceuticals.

Street protests have raged throughout the nation throughout late March, and brutality exploded two weeks ago when confrontations involving government supporters and demonstrators in Colombo prompted subsequent occurrences around the nation, killing nine people and injuring hundreds more.

“The players are quite conscious of the situation in Sri Lanka,” Greenberg said on Wednesday, according to the Australian Associated Press.

“It’s fair to say that travelling under conditions that contrast with those faced by the people of Sri Lanka, such as rising food costs, power outages, and fuel shortages, creates some pain.”

“Ultimately, our players want to play cricket and will follow the CA’s instruction, guidance, and advise about tour arrangements and preparation.”

Australia has named three powerful teams for the seven-week trip, which comprises a Twenty20 series, five one-day internationals, and two test, the matches will be played in Galle. 

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