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Battlefield 2042 Why shut down the game?

The number of Battlefield 2042 players on PC has dropped over the past few weeks. As a result, there are fewer contemporary players than in previous games, such as Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield 1. Due to the declining demand for the game, a lot of criticism has suddenly started about the game. Check Battlefield 2042 Why shut down the game.

In the meantime, the news is coming that the game may be closed. Not only that, but the players have also decided to leave the game. The reason is seen in the game’s breaking problem and missing features. Now I can’t say for sure whether the real game will stop or not.

Battlefield 2042 Why shut down the game?

Battlefield 2042 Why shut down the game
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However, the number of players on the PC seems to be so low that chit makers could shut down Battlefield 2042. Moreover Many have illegal subscriptions to cheats. As a result, Battlefield 2042 closed its stores. However, there is another reason for this, which is poor game performance and a low player base.

In the midst of all this, the spokespersons of this game have made a tweet. Where they say that insults, harassment, and derogatory remarks directed at their community members and dice workers have become unbearable. As a result, they tweeted to give a fair warning.

They will not tolerate anything else. They also say that how Subreddit works in the future will depend on the feedback from gamers. He further added that people need to rest. At the same time, he stated that he loves everyone but this expectation is salient.

Battlefield 2042 Why shut down the game?

Tweets were shared on Battlefield 2042 subreddit. As a result, it leads to a significant response. Some fans may understand the need for breaks. But on the other hand, some fans again mocked or complained about McNamara.

Despite all this, before the thread was locked, it collected more than ten thousand votes and more than 2000 comments. In which a lot of negative comments came. And after reading this comment, it is clear that the fans are out of their anger.

And after all that, the game’s mode team has finally released a post. It effectively asks the community to be less toxic or not to post. This post explains that three options are considered. In other words, fans are given three options.

Battlefield 2042 Why shut down the game?

One said that if the toxicity was reduced then the sublet would be run without prohibition. The other is if it is at the current level the threads will be locked soon. And last but not least, the subreddit will be closed for a while if it increases.

The game has been given a threat to the fans by the creators. But fans say they have removed its rush mode despite requests. In the midst of all this, it is understood that such an addition from the side of the game has provoked the anger of the fans.

I can’t do anything without hope. Hopefully, the developers will make the game better and better. They will turn the tide in their favor with some new updates and patches.