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BCCI: Jay Shah denied rumors that Team India would travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup?

If the rights to host the 2023 Asia Cup are taken away, Pakistan may withdraw: PCB chief Ramiz Raja In October, BCCI secretary Jay Shah categorically denied rumors that Team India would travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup and stated that the event would be held at a neutral location.

Ramiz Raja, the chief executive officer of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), stated on Friday that Pakistan may consider withdrawing from the Asia Cup 2023 if their hosting rights are revoked due to the Indian team’s absence.

Jay Shah, secretary of the BCCI, stated that the Asia Cup would be held at a neutral location earlier in October. He completely dispelled all rumors that Team India would travel to Pakistan for the event.

ESPNCricinfo cited Ramiz as saying, “It is not as if we do not have hosting rights and we are pleading to host it,” on the sidelines of the Pakistan-England Test in Rawalpindi. The rights were ours entirely. They wouldn’t come if India refused. We might withdraw from the Asia Cup if it is taken away from Pakistan,” he added.

Ramiz Raja stated earlier in November that Pakistan will not travel to India for the 2023 50-over World Cup if India opts out of the Asia Cup, which will be held in Pakistan next year.

“Our position is clear: if they (the Indian team) come, we will go to the World Cup; if they don’t, let them do it,” we said. Allow them to play with Pakistan out. Who will see the World Cup in India next year if Pakistan does not participate?”We will adopt an aggressive approach, our team is performing, we have defeated the largest cricket team in the world that makes the most money, and we have played in the T20 World Cup final,” Ramiz told Pakistani media on Friday.

“I have always insisted that Pakistan cricket’s economy needs to be improved, and that can only happen if our team performs well, as we did at the 2021 T20 World Cup. Beat India, we beat India in the Asia Cup, and the Pakistan cricket team has twice defeated the board of a billion-dollar economy in a single year,” he continued.

“The overall impact of such statements has the potential to split the Asian and international cricketing communities and can impact Pakistan’s visit to India for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 and future ICC Events in India in the 2024-2031 cycle,” the PCB said in response to Shah’s assertion that the Asia Cup would be held at a neutral location.

Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur stated that India will host the 2023 World Cup with all teams following the PCB’s statement.
According to the Sports Minister, India is unafraid of any threat and will continue to host the tournament.

“It is BCCI’s internal problem, and it will handle the situation well. While hosting international tournaments in the past, we have not yet committed any wrongdoing. We have previously held the World Cup with success, and all teams participated happily.”All teams will participate in the tournament next year,” Thakur had stated in October.

In addition, BCCI President Roger Binny stated that the board will rely on the government’s decision when touring Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023. We are not calling for that. We are unable to specify our team’s destination. If we leave the country or other nations arrive here, we must obtain government approval.

Binny stated, “We must rely on the government because we cannot make that decision on our own.”
After that, Indian captain Rohit Sharma said that the Men in Blue would focus on the T20 World Cup and follow the rules set by the apex board for Indian cricket. He was referring to comments made by BCCI secretary Jay Shah about India’s trip to Pakistan for the 2023 Asia Cup.

“The World Cup is my focus.”We will follow whatever the BCCI decides,” Rohit said during a press conference prior to Pakistan’s high-voltage match.

India will hold a major cricket tournament by itself for the first time in 2023. It co-hosted the World Cup in 1987 with Pakistan and the World Cup in 1996 with Sri Lanka and Pakistan. In 2011, India co-hosted the tournament with Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and other nations. India additionally arose successfully in the 2011 version of the competition.

Additionally, flagship competitions are expected to be held in Pakistan because the nation will host the Asia Cup in 2023 and the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025.

Cricket crews quit visiting Pakistan after a fear-based oppressor assault on the Sri Lankan group back in 2009. International tours resumed in the country only in 2015. Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Australia, and England have all traveled to Pakistan since then for bilateral series.

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