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Before the World Cup, a flying museum will give tribute to Diego Maradona

A flying monument celebrating football legend Diego Maradona will fly overhead.

The “Tango D10S” jet was unveiled Wednesday night after flying throughout Argentina to meet Maradona admirers on the land.

Before the World Cup, a flying museum will give tribute to Diego Maradona

The jet’s outside is covered in photographs of Maradona, who passed in 2020 at the age of 60 from a cardiac arrest following major surgery, one of which he wears the Argentina shirt and embraces the World Cup trophy he hoisted in 1986.

The jet will also stop in Barcelona and Naples, where Maradona guided Napoli to their only two Italian league championships in 1987 and 1990. The aircraft’s final destination on the trip will be in Qatar, which will host the World Cup later this year.

England supporters will not want to travel anywhere it goes. Illustrations on the wings recall Maradona’s two goals against England in the 1986 World Cup quarterfinals – the contentious “Hand of God” goal followed by a stunning solo effort waltzing through the England squad.

Maradona-related artifacts may be found inside the plane.

The jet, which a fintech firm would own, was on display at El Palomar airport outside of Buenos Aires, with Maradona’s relatives and several former Argentina teammates in attendance.

“We can’t fathom or comprehend this lunacy,” Dalma Maradona, one of Maradona’s daughters, remarked.

“The affection people feel for him is above comprehension.” Dalma and her sister Gianinna were among the first passengers to enter the jet. Visitors will be able to ask a Maradona hologram already selected questions.

“When you’re in Argentina, you don’t comprehend what Diego represents to the rest of the world,” former teammate Sergio Batista remarked.

“It is a lovely homage that the entire world will see since the entire globe adored him.”

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