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Ben Stokes says that the International Cricket Council (ICC) needs a new plan to bring test cricket back

Whatsapp Works Up, who recently led his team to a 3-0 Test victory over Pakistan, said that the way Test cricket is handled and talked about today hurts him.

England’s Test captain Ben Stokes has criticized the International Cricket Council (ICC) for not taking scheduling into account enough. Additionally, he stated that domestic T20 leagues are gaining popularity worldwide, which may harm the game’s longest format.

Stirs Up, who led his team to a 3-0 Test victory over Pakistan, said that the way Test cricket is handled and talked about today hurt him, especially with association cricket getting more attention.

There is not enough attention paid to the scheduling. The one-day match between Britain and Australia following the T20 World Cup is a great example. Only three games were in there. During a Monday BBC meeting with the unbelievable Ian Botham, Stirs up stated, “It seemed OK to someone to plan a series that amounted to nothing.”

The manner in which test cricket has been discussed offends me. It is losing fans’ attention due to all of the new formats and franchise competitions. We are aware that players can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities outside of Test cricket. But it’s so important to the game for me,” Stokes continued.

Stokes suggested that nations that play Test cricket should follow England’s lead and play extremely aggressive cricket by stating that “entertainment,” rather than “result,” will help popularize the five-day format. He said this because “entertainment” will help.

Making the distinction between the mindset and the outcome is a good place to start. putting an emphasis on making daily activities enjoyable. preventing people from being aware of the outcome. “If people show up excited for what they will watch, you have proactively won before a ball has been bowled,” Works up communicated.

He urged the ICC to do “something different” to promote Test cricket.

Stirs up, who took over for Joe Root and has driven Britain to nine triumphs in ten games, added, “I love playing Test cricket and felt we could accomplish something else.”

Because of the broad measure of cricket played and the responsibility of cricketers to their establishments, the 31-year-old all-rounder is additionally disappointed with the choice of various crews and the resting of players.

“Some people believe that being England’s representative is sufficient. But there’s a lot more to think about. You want international cricket at its highest level. Stokes maintained, “We have seen a lot of different squads selected and players rested.” That is not how international cricket should proceed, “he stated.

Even though Botham agreed that franchise cricket was a great idea, he argued that domestic leagues and the longest format of the game should be balanced.

“The fact that it tests a player’s skills is what gives test match cricket its name. Too much attention is paid to the white ball. We as of now have a couple of five star games in Britain toward the start of April before the season closes. Balance needs to be improved. “You must account for everything,” Botham stated.

“Foundations is a powerful and insightful idea. Just hoping we can maintain our equilibrium. Let’s see if franchises can maintain that equilibrium.

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