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Best crosshair and DPI settings for Zarya in Overwatch 2

Zarya is a persuasive Tank in Overwatch 2. Tanks act as the underlying line of guard and the essential resource for the group. A few particular characteristics recognize the Legends of the Tank class.

Overwatch 2 has altered Zarya’s abilities to make the tank legend more grounded. Her Boundaries give extraordinary harm assimilation while enabling her Molecule Gun and permitting her to effectively bring down gatherings of foes.

She succeeds at keeping her companions alive for expanded periods and helping with gathering foes, making them faster to bring down. Zarya’s abilities fundamentally center around safeguarding herself and one more player with her Molecule and Projected obstruction, which proves to be useful during extreme battles. Her Definitive – Gravitational Flood is perhaps of the most imperative capacity in the game, however for full adequacy, it should be all around composed with another legend’s Definitive.

Her essential weapon, Molecule Cannon, notwithstanding her low reach, bargains a lot of harm. Zarya’s optional weapon, an explosive launcher, empowers her to quickly clear a region, managing sprinkle harm any place it lands.


Zarya is a moving Tank to play, yet when dominated, her forceful pack permits players to convey monstrous harm to the rival while shielding the group. Her Molecule Gun has a restricted reach, and players ought to remember the distance it can cover.

Players will require great following and exact expect to take out adversaries with her Cannon.

Focus don’t work on the point, however a fair crosshair with great perceivability will most likely assist players with bringing down enemies effectively. The following is the ideal crosshair setting for Zarya.

The crosshair produced with these settings will be a circle with a little speck and four loosened up lines from the circle. It will permit Zarya to use her Gun with greater perceivability as the reticle won’t impede the player’s view and will give a more extensive region for following enemies.

With respect to’s DPI settings, players ought to pick an eDPI of 800 and an in-game awareness of 10. DPI is about private decision and solace. They ought to, in any case, utilize a little more noteworthy responsiveness since her Cannon will require seriously following and mouse development in close-quarter battles.

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She will be on the cutting edges, consistently captivating in clashes with adversaries and supporting colleagues with her Projected Hindrance. Hence, greater awareness will be favorable in these examples.

That is all there is to it for Zarya’s ideal Overwatch 2 crosshair and DPI settings. It is basic to recollect that there aren’t any ideal settings for everything and that players should transform them to their solace and preferences.Overwatch 2 is a center online multiplayer title created and distributed by Snowstorm Diversion that is open on all stages, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One.

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