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Bleach: TYBW episode 14 – Potential release date and what to expect

TYBW episode 14 is set to deliver at some point in July, 2023. Following the last episode of the series’ initial segment, fans were sadly made aware of the postponed discharge window of the series’ subsequent part. While cours are normally isolated by only three months, fans should stand by over a half year for the principal episode of the subsequent part.

Much more sad is that no irrefutable spoiler data for Fade: TYBW episode 14 is accessible as of this article’s composition. While this is not out of the ordinary, it’s actually disturbing that fans have barely anything to go off of regarding the impending part’s story. A concise trailer was delivered, however it appears to zero in on building publicity for the second part as opposed to uncovering plot data.

Track with as this article completely separates generally right now accessible delivery data for Fade: TYBW episode 14 and estimates on what’s in store in the episode.

Dye: TYBW episode 14’s Japanese delivery window is presently scheduled for at some point in July, 2023. While tragically vague, the variation group behind the series still can’t seem to uncover any data that clues at a more unambiguous delivery date. Be that as it may, fans can anticipate that this should be uncovered before long.

There has likewise been no predefined news on where the subsequent part will be delivered for both homegrown Japanese watchers and global crowds. Nonetheless, almost certainly, the subsequent part will follow a comparable delivery strategy as the initial segment. This implies Japanese crowds first see the episode broadcast on neighborhood television before it’s made accessible on Hulu for US crowds and Disney+ for global watchers.


The initial segment of the series saw Ichigo Kurosaki and companions become engaged with the extremely old clash between the Quincies and the Spirit Gatherers. This started when Ichigo was approached to free Hueco Mundo from Quincy rule by Nelliel tu Odelschwanck. This at last prompted Ichigo going to the Spirit Society, where he stood up to Yhwach and stirred his Quincy powers.

Nonetheless, he couldn’t do as such before Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto was killed, and Byakuya Kuchiki and a few others were crushed with their Bankai taken. Ichigo’s Bankai was likewise broken, bringing about the presentation of Crew Zero, which effectively saw Ichigo, Renji Abarai, Rukia Kuchiki, and Byakuya mended from their fights.

Renji and Ichigo additionally expected to fix their Zanpakuto, which were broken in their battles against the Sternritter. This necessary Ichigo to find out about his starting points, which then permitted him to guarantee an asauchi (a clear Zanpakuto) for himself so it very well may be manufactured into his actual Zanpakuto. Not long after this was accomplished, the series’ initial segment finished, setting up a thrilling begin to Blanch: TYBW episode 14.

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