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British Parliament Honored Saurav Ganguly: He also Spoke about Virat Kohli

This 50-year-old former Indian captain and current BCCI president Saurav Ganguly have been honored in the British Parliament. After his honor, Saurav while talking to ANI said that he had contacted me 6 months ago. This award has been given every year. which I honored this year. On the question of the victory of NatWest Series 2002 over England, he said that 20 years ago it was special to beat the English team on their English soil.

Virat Kohli, who is running out of form, has got the support of Sourav Ganguly amid criticism from the veterans. Saurav Ganguly c has said in support of Virat after Team India’s captain Rohit Sharma and former fast bowler Ashish Nehra that Kohli will soon return to his form. Virat Kohli has consistently done well and has the ability and skill to come back.


Virat will comeback

On the question of Kohli’s return to form, the BCCI president said that of course, you see what he has achieved in international cricket. Look at his numbers. Such a big thing like this would not have happened without capability and quality. Yes, he is facing a tough time and Virat knows about it. He has been a great player over the years.

Saurav also said -“He knows he hasn’t done very well to the best of his abilities and I see him coming back and doing well, but he will have to find his way back to success. Virat has to see how they have achieved success in the last 12-13 years. Defiantly he can do this.

Ups and downs in the performance is part of the game

The formal Indian captain said that all this happens in sports. It comes to happen with everyone. It happened to Tendulkar, it happened to Rahul, it happened to me, it happened to Virat. So it will also happen to future players. As a player, Virat should focus only on his game.

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