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Cathy Kelley Talks About Her Plans For WWE

Beyond Cathy Kelley joined the “WWE Raw” team as a backstage interviewer as part of the company’s recent changes to the broadcasting team.

She admitted on “The Big Thing” podcast that she still has numerous creative objectives in mind for the future, even though she previously left WWE to pursue other ambitions.

She stated, “There are so many creative things I want to accomplish outside of WWE and so many things I want to accomplish within WWE.

” Working with my friends is one of my favorite things, so coming up with new creative projects with them is probably something I want to keep doing.”

Kelly wanted to be on the main roster, but she also has clear ideas for other goals she wants to accomplish in her WWE career. She wants to focus on settling in and getting used to the schedule again.

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She stated, “I really want to do more stuff on PLE’s and at WrestleMania; having a little backstage interview at WrestleMania would be great.

” When I last worked for WWE, I created a number of shows, including Talking Smack and The Bump, which I worked on for years to make happen.

Therefore, I believe it would be a lot of fun to produce additional shows with them.”

Kelley plays flourished in each part she has attempted, and she needs to continue to push the limits.

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