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Chess World Cup is an event that organized by FIDE it is an governing body in which three different formats has used.
In 2000 and 2002 it was multi stage tournament with group stage consisting of 24 players in 4 groups
From 2005-2019 Chess World Cup an biennial 128 players single elimination tournament forming part of the qualification for the world chess championship.
From 2021 edition to current time number of players has increased to 206.

FIDE World Cup (2000–2002) Winners-

Year Dates Host Players Winner Runner-up Third place Fourth place
2000 1–13 Sep  Shenyang, China 24  Viswanathan Anand Evgeny Bareev  Boris Gelfand and  Gilberto Milos
2002 9–22 Oct  Hyderabad, India 24  Viswanathan Anand Rustam Kasimdzhanov  Alexander Beliavsky and Alexey Dreev