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Clouzy! Release Date, Plateform all you need to know

Clouzy is the only daycare that is dedicated to clouds in the world. While you may be used to a cloud sailing through the sky without much concern, in this magical universe, things are different. Check Clouzy Release Date.

The little clouds in Clouzy need lots of love and care. You will have to learn about the preferences and tastes of the little clouds to cook them the right food, as well as their preferences for games and play. Storms can’t be seen on the horizon.

Clouzy Release Date, Plateform
Clouzy Release Date, Plateform

Clouzy! Release Date in February

The farming exploration simulation will be released via Steam on Xbox 1, and Windows Computer on February 24, 2022. Yeray Fernandez, the Producer, Artist, and Audio of Tinymoon said.

Clouzy! Plateform

Clouzy! The platform is available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney Plus. This February has been one of the busiest months in recent gaming history.

These are the expected titles, such as Horizon Forbidden West. Elden Ring. Many indie titles will also be released during this period. But, if you are feeling overwhelmed, you can always walk around the world. In fact, it is best to go for it regardless.

Clouzy! Take a look around

Some clouds have quite unique tastes. The ingredients required to prepare them are only found in the wild. It’s okay to venture out on your own, as Clouzy has a companion who will keep you company.

Tinymoon’s fluffy adventure finally gets a release date. Clouzy! a game about caring “adorable fluffy skies,” is set to release this month. Colored, the title will allow players. “Explore the globe with a flying pet and collect delicious fruits. You can also cook tasty meals to care for your cloud daycare in cute and wholesome farming games.”

Clouzy features visual and gameplay details

The game will have four biomes, each with a different theme. The game world will feature four ruling families and players will need to discover their forgotten histories. Nine types of puzzles will be available for players to solve in order “to restore towering structure that could reveal many mysteries.”

Journal entries will be kept in the codex by players about their adventures and different Clouzy varieties. They will have to take care of these clouds through feeding, playing, and bonding. They have their own preferences and needs for fruits and toys that the players should cater to.


Clouzy! Clouzy promises to bring you a peaceful adventure with vibrant animations and emotions. On February 24, players can explore forgotten ruins, bond to their beloved pets, and prepare delicious dishes in this farm exploration simulation.

What is the view from the clouds? Clouzy, Tinymoon’s upcoming exploration, and farming simulator allow you to get up close with your cloud friends. A Press Release about Clouzy provides more information about the game’s world and cloud farming experience. It also includes a release time.