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Cody Rhodes uncovers why he wasn’t a piece of the WWE 2K22 game

When they discovered that Rhodes was not included in the WWE 2K22 video game, the superstar’s fans were quite surprised.

One of WWE’s most well-known wrestlers today is Cody Rhodes. The American Nightmare is featured in the WWE 2K23 video game as a result of its enormous popularity.

In any case, devotees of the hotshot were very shocked when they saw that Rhodes wasn’t a piece of the WWE 2K22 game.

In a collaboration with ComicBook Country, Rhodes uncovered that he was liable for his exclusion from WWE 2K22 game.

He emphasized that he would only want to participate in the game if his character. “The American Nightmare,” had achieved stardom.

“I am very involved. I’d even go so far as to say that I won’t criticize 2K for the fact that I didn’t play the game at first and didn’t wait for the modern version to come out.

The explanation is that I’m extremely specific about ‘The American Bad Dream.’ Its an entire idea, something I worked on while I was away,” said Rhodes.

“And you know, people are going to fully immerse themselves in it. Are familiar with it, respect it, and only want to give it the signal boost that 2K can provide.”

It simply requires investment, and I was one reason it required such a lot of investment. Because I want to ensure that it is done correctly if anyone had any issues. It was more me than 2K,” he added.

In the meantime, Rhodes will clash with The Monster Manifest Brock Lesnar in the headliner at WWE Backfire 2023 on Saturday, May 6.

At the Jose Miguel Agrelot Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

When The Beast Incarnate betrayed The American Nightmare in a proposed tag team match against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa on Raw following WrestleMania 39. The rivalry between Rhodes and Lesnar began.

Lesnar faked companionship with Rhodes and afterward betrayed him, fiercely whipping him in the ring. From that point forward.

The couple has additionally been engaged with not many showdowns before their high-voltage Kickback battle.

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