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Connor McDavid Net Worth, Salary, Contract, Girlfriend, Top Speed All You Need To Know

Connor McDavid is a popular and professional Canadian hockey player. He is also a captain for the Edmonton Oilers which is a National Hockey League (NHL). Check Connor McDavid Net Worth.

McDavid is a popular ice hockey player who plays the game in the center position where he shoots left. He is a part of the NHL team Edmonton Oilers where he has the first draft in 2015.

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Connor McDavid Net Worth
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Connor McDavid Net Worth

Connor is one of the highly paid players in ice hockey. His primary source of income is from the game ice hockey.

The net worth for the player is estimated to be around $30 million. However, the other sources of income for the player are from brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Connor McDavid Salary

The salary for the player in ice hockey is estimated to be around 20 lakhs USD. This is an approximate and estimated value.

The primary income for the player is from the game of ice hockey only.

Connor McDavid Contract

The contract of the player with the team Edmonton Oilers is for a total of 8 years. The contract is signed by the team with Connor McDavid for $100,000,000.

Connor McDavid Rewards

There are various awards and records to his name. The player has been the winner and the award holder for a quiet team now.

Here is the awards and honors list for Connor McDavid.

G THL2012Player of the Year
G THL2012Tim Adams Memorial Trophy
OHL2012Jack Ferguson Award
OHL2013Emms Family Award
OHL2013OHL First All-Rookie Team
OHL2014William Hanley Trophy
OHL2014, 2015Bobby Smith Trophy
OHL2014OHL Second All-Star Team
OHL2015Red Tilson Trophy
OHL2015OHL First All-Star Team
OHL2015Wayne Gretzky 99 Award

There are also other awards and records to his name in his career in ice hockey.

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