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Considine wants rugby to continue expanding in Clare.

Eimear Considine, a well-known player in Irish rugby, is of the opinion that the sport is in a good place in Banner County.

Following a recent open night for women’s rugby in the county, which was hosted by Ennis RFC, Considine spoke with The Clare Champion.

Ennis RFC alums Alana McInerney, Aoife Corey, Eils Cahill, Chisom Ugwueru, Emily Murphy, and Aoibhinn O’Loughlin joined new and current players from Ennis, Kilrush, and Lisdoonvarna at Lees Road to meet Considine.

According to Considine, counties like Clare need to do everything in their power to encourage the next generation to play rugby in order for the sport to truly flourish in the country.

It is wonderful to observe the expansion of rugby in Clare. Better standards will result from Lisdoonvarna, Kilrush, and Ennis coming together to represent the county. Players can learn from one another and improve the standard. Growing up, I would have only dreamed about it.

The native of Kilmihil is of the opinion that girls will be in a far more advantageous position than ever if the sport can continue to grow, as they already have experience prior to entering the adult grade.

Growing up, I didn’t know much about rugby. When I was 23 years old, I started playing in Dublin. At the time, there were no real structures—not like the ones that exist today. When Aoife (Corey) and Alana (McInerney) started, there was no U14 grade. Girls benefit greatly from playing when they are young because they can accumulate so many hours.

Lorchan Hoyne, Head of Women’s and Girl’s Rugby at Ennis RFC, believes that having players from the club’s ranks attend the open night demonstrated what the current generation can accomplish in light of the club’s continued growth of the women’s game.

We invited the women to participate in order to demonstrate that women from Clare can represent Munster or Ireland. We asked Eimear to come down because she is a great sport ambassador, and last year, we had a bus full of girls go to the RDS to see her play for Ireland.

They all lead by excellent example. While a few girls played rugby for the U18s in their first year, Chisom began at the U15 level. They are a great illustration of what we try to do and how we try to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Having female role models is great for the younger girls.

Steps are being taken to provide players who want to test themselves on the rugby field with Ennis and Kilrush combining to field an adult team for the first time.

Hoyne states that Ennis RFC’s top priority is to ensure that players enjoy the game, despite their efforts to rebuild following COVID.

“look forward to Rugby has a culture of teamwork and traveling. The adult team as well as the U14 team participate in a personal aspect of the physical game. Everything we do is centered on having fun.

Hoyne wanted to emphasize that this team is for players from all over Clare, not just those from Ennis and Kilrush, when the adult team played its first league match this past weekend against Waterpark RFC.

We want to open this up and make women’s rugby in the county more popular. We think there is a demand, and women’s sports in Clare are still growing. We are pleased with the widespread support for the women’s game in Clare and hope it continues.

When Considine addressed the players present that evening, she emphasized the significance of perseverance.

I was telling them how fortunate they were to keep playing rugby and listen to their coaches. It is never simple. There are defeats, injuries, and occasionally squad drops. When I started at age 23, a coach told me that I needed to do everything

I did with my right hand ten times with my left hand so that I could always practice

and get better.

Because asking questions helps you improve, they should never be afraid to do so.

They need to try new things to get better, and I hope to see them represent Clare at a high

level. Ennis RFC was able to celebrate Alana McInerney, Aoife Corey, and Eils Cahill’s selections to the Munster Inter Provincial team. The team also includes Ballina-Killaloe RFC alumna Maeve g O’Leary.

Hoyne stated that the players’ continued success in reaching Munster demonstrates that a path exists for the next generation.

“Players coming through has been a consistent feature every year since we started,” They began developing their skills.

with us and have continued to do so ever since .To play for the province is an incredible accomplishment.

Considine is of the opinion that Ireland must recruit players from all over the country if they are to compete.

with England and France.

Both she and Edel McMahon have represented the national team in recent years, but the 31-year-old believes that rugby.

players should be encouraged to play at home.

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