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“Cool Guy” Patrick Mahomes’ Comfy Louis Vuitton F1 Look Can Set You Back Over $2,000

Patrick Mahomes, probably the finest quarterback active in the NFL at the moment, also knows how to take the numero uno spot when it comes to donning fashionable outfits at marquee events. Not long ago, his Met Gala appearance broke the internet. Sporting a black HUGO BOSS coat with a collar-less shirt, Mahomes looked like a perfect candidate to audition for the next ‘Men in Black.’

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While many fans were thinking that Mahomes might stay away from the limelight for a few days after Met Gala as his brother Jackson is still embroiled in an ugly s*xual harassment case, the Chiefs QB ended up doing the exact opposite of that. After flagging off the Kentucky Derby, Patrick was recently seen attending the Miami Grand Prix as well.

Patrick Mahomes’ comfy Louis Vuitton F1 look is getting a lot of attention online

The Kansas City superstar even tried lifting a Red Bull F1 car after having a chat with some of the members of the team at the Miami GP. Patrick even uploaded a picture of him straining his back in order to lift the vehicle up. While fans did point out that he needs to go easy on his back, many fashion enthusiasts just couldn’t take their eyes away from the 2x Super Bowl champion’s outfit.

Nailing the “Cool Guy” look, Mahomes decided to wear a super comfy Louis Vuitton co-ord set. Sporting a short-sleeved shirt and matching shorts, Patrick looked as nonchalant as one can be and yet, he was able to get a lot of love for his outfit from the audiences.

In fact, many fans expressed interest in getting a similar set for themselves. However, we have to let you know that this seemingly simple co-ord set will burn a $2,000 worth hole in your pocket. The LV Short-Sleeved Shirt will set you back $1,040. Similarly, matching Drawstring Shorts will also cost you $1,040.

This brings the grand total of the ensemble to $2,080. While this might not be a big amount for Mr. Mahomes, many of his admirers might have to think twice before spending over $2,000 on a pair of shorts and a shirt.

Patrick Mahomes’ special Versace shoes are winning the internet

As it turns out, along with his clothes, Patrick’s shoes also ended up becoming the talk of the town. The superstar quarterback opted for Versace’s White Trigreca Sneakers for the race which perfectly complimented his overall look.

A few hours ago, Brittany, who wore a stylish Chanel T-shirt dress and a pair of Denim Air Jordans to the Miami GP, shared a set of pictures alongside her LV lover husband. “Another Race, Another City,” Mrs. Mahomes captioned the incredible set of images.

Right from sporting a stylish HUGO BOSS coat, to wearing a super cool and comfy LV co-ord set, in a matter of days, Patrick has succeeded in showcasing the world that he can absolutely ace any look, any day.

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