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counter Ashe in Overwatch 2

Ashe is a Harm legend in Overwatch 2, and as per the game’s legend, she is the head of the
Gridlock Pack and a known element in the criminal hidden world. She sneaks up suddenly
with two weapons, explosives, and a reliable companion.

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Ashe is a nearly simple legend to learn, however dominating her is an alternate story
completely. She uses various standard capacities that can end up being deadly when
utilized productively. The expectation to learn and adapt for the person is delicate from the
get go yet gets steep as players climb the positions.

Ashe has a sum of three capacities that she can use to bring down rivals on the war zone.
Overwatch 2 holds the more established legends and guides that were all present in its
ancestor and furthermore incorporates extra happy like new legends, guides, and game

The engineers chose to modify the game organization from its unique 6v6
configuration to a more standard 5v5 configuration, which required a couple of equilibrium
changes to every one of the legends and guides to guarantee a smooth progress.

Ashe is a legend who isn’t apprehensive about taking on a fight and can confront misfortune
while battling to make due. A player’s genius and sound judgment are critical elements while
picking her since her lethality comes at the expense of longer cooldowns on her capacities.
Ashe utilizes essential weapons and explosives that help her bring down legends from a
good ways. Furthermore, she likewise can rapidly hinder any foe legend who chooses to
push close and battle her forthright.

Ashe is delicate to make up for the crazy measure of harm she can cause for her foes in an
extremely short measure of time. She is a legend who necessities support all through the
match to play out her obligations and not be designated by the rival group.

Widowmaker is areas of strength for a 2 sharpshooter who can eliminate Ashe from the
situation with one perfect and charged headshot. She can likewise rapidly move herself to
another area or draw nearer to Ashe and burst her down with a programmed rifle and toxic
substance traps.


Tracer is one of the most coordinated Harm characters in Overwatch 2 and is fit for
befuddling adversaries while causing nonstop harm for them. She can rapidly find Ashe and
take her out without allowing the foe group an opportunity to respond or fight back.

Sombra is a deadly Harm legend who spends significant time in penetrating the foe’s line of
protection. She can turn undetectable and immediately track down a course to show up
behind the whole rival group and a clueless Ashe. She can then quietness Ashe’s capacities
and burst her down with her SMG weapon to get a simple kill

Reinhardt is a staple Tank legend in the game and is one of the most outstanding with
regards to impeding shots. He can charge toward Ashe and pin her to a wall or other guide
structure. A couple of swings from his rocket sledge will rapidly bring down Ashe and send
her back to respawn.

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