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Cristiano Ronaldo may lose his captaincy in Portugal’s FIFA World Cup Round of 16 match against Switzerland

After getting into trouble with team manager Fernando Santos, Portugal may not have their superstar Cristiano Ronaldo leading the team against Switzerland.

Portugal will face Switzerland on Tuesday at the Lusail Iconic Stadium in the final round of 16 match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Yet, the 2016 European Bosses probably won’t have their whiz Cristiano Ronaldo driving the group after he landed himself in boiling water with group administrator Fernando Santos.

shocking interview with Piers Morgan

A fortnight after that shocking interview with Piers Morgan in which he discussed his disagreement with Erik ten Hag of Manchester United, Ronaldo appears to have enraged yet another manager, this time the head coach of the Portugal national team.

This was evident in his response when he was substituted during the Portugal national team’s final group match against South Korea last week.

In the 65th minute of the match, just before South Korea scored the winning goal, Ronaldo was removed from the game.

As he left the field, Ronaldo was seen pouting and putting his finger to his lips. However, Ronaldo had previously explained that the act was the result of his heated argument with a South Korea player.

Talking regarding this situation on Monday, in front of the Switzerland tie, Santos said, “Have I seen the pictures?

Yes, I absolutely did not enjoy it. It did not please me. I truly could have done without it. However, everything regarding that issue is resolved at that point.

The resolution of these issues occurs behind closed doors. It is finished. Completely resolved, everyone is now focused on the match tomorrow.”

Then, Santos didn’t say if Ronaldo would be captain of Portugal or even start for the team in the Last 16 match.

The manager stated, “When I get to the stadium, I only decide who will be captain.” I still don’t know who will be in the lineup.

That is what I have always done, what I will always do, and it will remain the same tomorrow. The other issue has been resolved. That has been fixed internally, and that is it.”

No more relying on Cristiano Ronaldo

He is 37 years old and no longer has the speed that made him one of the best soccer players ever.

When he is on the field, the entire team is compelled to play at a slower pace.

Portugal no longer appear to be dependent on Ronaldo, as they were already 5-1 ahead when he came off the bench in the 71st minute against Switzerland.

Despite Ronaldo no longer being able to generate as much danger in front of goal with his speed and ability to dribble, Portugal did not appear to be dependent on him.

A Bola perusers had proactively casted a ballot for Ronaldo being dropped against the Swiss.

Portugal, without their captain, were solid at the back, had more spaces to exploit on the counter, and were dominant from the start.

In terms of Ronaldo, the Portuguese star came off the bench with about 20 minutes remaining, but despite scoring an extremely offside goal that was ruled out, he was unable

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